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  1. Cigar Questions
    How many others are there? These are the only ones I have and would like to start collecting one of each. Would it be impossible? Thanks everyone!
  2. Want to Buy (WTB)
    I'm wanting to start collecting the skull bones. Anyone have any other than these: Only looking for one of each. Thanks Puff!
  3. Splits & Group Buys
    I am splitting up a box of S&B (black and white band) from the most recent release. 15 available. $10 each $5 shipping CONUS. PM for out of country shipping. Payment to [email protected] Amazon or PP as gift or add charge. All normal rules apply. Once your name is on the list pay with in...
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    I can't find to much info on these except that they are boxpressed and appear to have a different wrapper, anyone have anything solid? Anyone smoked one? I have a chance to get some but that window is only open so long. Thanks!
  5. Splits & Group Buys
    alright I have 3 boxes of cigars reserved for next weeks Viaje release put your name on the list of each box with how many you want $5 shipping S&B fat boy 4.25 x 56, 25 available, $10 each 1. CALIFORNIA KID - 3 2. S&B little boy 4.25 x 52, 25 available, $10 each 1. CALIFORNIA KID - 3 2...
  6. Splits & Group Buys
    Rumor has it these drop next week. is anyone planing on doing a split on them?
  7. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Size: 4.25" Ring Gauge: 54 Wrapper: Nicaraguan Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan Drink: Blue Curacao and Orange Juice Well I decided to try this one on the advice of my "not so secret" adviser. And after a couple hours of getting side tracked and talk to a good friend, I finaly got to...
  8. Splits & Group Buys
    I believe I can get a box of holiday blend for 175 and be able to do 5ers shipped for $38 bucks Could get 2 3 packs of the wlp 50/50 shipped for 38 as well. There's also some wmds right around 10 each plus shipping. Just seeing if there's any interest before I buy. I know the holiday...
  9. Splits & Group Buys
    I have access to probably around 75 of these. Remember this is from a NY shop so the higher prices are due to the 75% tax, the shop owner doesnt do shipping so I figured Id just run a groupbuy and go in and buy them myself and ship them out to you guys. This is for the 4.25x54 torpedo size. The...
  10. Cigar Pictures
    Just picked up box of Skull and Bones to see what all the hype is about cant wait to try.
  11. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    I went ahead and kept my order with the B&M and will just sell these the WTS route. I have at least 60 WMDs and 60 MOABs for sale. Each are $11 / cigar (dumb taxes) and shipping is $5 for up to 8-10 cigars and we'll get a different number if I have to go up to a box bigger than the small flat...
  12. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Click here to read at Cigar Pointe with more pictures Wrapper: Nicaraguan Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan Price: $9.36 Vitola: 4 1/4 x 54 Drink: Coca-Cola Appearance & Construction: The wrapper is oily, dark, rich, and smooth to the touch. Absolutely no veins, splotches, patches...
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    I hear corona cigar just got a shipment!!! Puff group buy? Lol
  14. Splits & Group Buys
    Just got an email from 'my guy' saying S&B's will be here as early as tomorrow, but more likely early next week. I think I can at least get one box and maybe more. I've seen different prices floating around, but won't know the actual price (including shipping/sales tax) until I get the call...
  15. Cigar Questions
    After reading a great post by Veeral I figured I would ask this in the forums and maybe help some other members out with any answers forthcoming, instead of going the normal PM route. When are the new Skull and Bones going to be released? I have read a few places they are due out this month...
  16. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Another Viaje review coming your way courtesy of the "What's your favorite Viaje" thread. Because Andre produces his cigars in such limited batches, you almost have no choice but to buy as much as you can get a hold of before they're sold out. I figured I might as well try the Viajes I...
  17. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    There is a box of the "?" 2nd Skull & Bones release available from one of our members, and if I can find 4 people to split it with I'll pick it up. Please put your name on the list if you are willing to commit to a 5 pack @ $70 shipped. PP gift option preferred (or pay pp fee) or USPS money...
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    Howdy All: I hope you are doing great today. I was lucky enough to score a fiver of Holiday Blend Petite Robusto today. I called a local shop and they had just come in today. So I headed down and the owner was not there yet to price them so I figured I might as well have a cigar and wait...
  19. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    I got a full box of the Skull and Bones 1st release looking for 385 shipped PM if interested
  20. Cigar Questions
    Good Karma has Skull & Bones Cigars for $20 a stick ,it has to be some place else that has them cheaper? I'm looking for a box
1-20 of 28 Results