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  1. Site Help and Suggestions
    Is ther a current way to change the forum skin (background color, etc.)? If not, is there any plan to include a few in the VB upgrade I hear is coming? Thanks!
  2. Sports Forum
    5, 5+ dollar sticks...I got the Saints, straight up Pinks. I know there are diehard fans around here because the stadium is always packed, even in a losing season!
  3. Sports Forum
    :) ! Just had to make this post because im so proud of my team and proud to be a skins fan !
  4. Sports Forum
    Big game next Sunday night - go Vikes! Looking for some action on the game. I'm taking my beloved purple. Anyone Skins fans wanna put up a fiver on Washington? Nothing fancy, just five tasty smokes. If anyone wants to take an over/under 100 yards on Portis rushing, I'd do that too (taking the...
  5. Sports Forum
    1. Tom sprains his wrist 2. Tom sprains his ankle 3. Tom pulls his back 4. Tom's head falls off. 5. Tom admits he's gay, loses endorsements, and subsequently kills himself 6. Tom is traded to a CFL team for all of Quebec 7. Tom is abducted by Aliens, and converted into a host for the first...
  6. Sports Forum
    Got tickets to the Skins / Eagles game on Nov 11th. Time for some face paint!!!
  7. Sports Forum
    Detroit had the number 1 passing offense going into the game. Skins hold them to 144 yards and beat them 34-3!
  8. General Discussion
    Congrats Skinsfan for your first hundred RG. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!
  9. Sports Forum Man Run Over At Redskins Game Wednesday Dec 13, 2006 4:48PM A father and his son-in-law are seriously hurt after a Redskins game--one of them was actually run over.
  10. Sports Forum
    anyone goin to the skins dallas game ??
  11. Sports Forum
    is CRAZY!!!...all these penalties...well I mean you cannot count celebrating as a penalty....what kinda BS is that....No Fun League.
  12. Sports Forum
    I have tickets and will be there. Section 110 row 5. Anyone else going to be there?
  13. Sports Forum
    We have a NFC East poll going on the Dallas / Philly game. Looks like Dallas is winning the poll. What about the other NFC East game. Will the Skins beat NY. Of course, everyone knows my answer.
1-13 of 14 Results