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  1. Cigar Questions
    Ok, so I got some good cigars in the mail last night and I cut one cigar wanting to smoke it last night. After I cut it I took a cold draw and it was way too tight, In my experieice means its a bit wet. Its a really nice cigar, or so Im told, so I didnt wat to smoke it if I was gonna be fighting...
  2. Cigar Questions
    For give my ignorance on the subject but....... Being a newb to the hobby I went to the local B&M twice this week. The first time I got a Sancho Panzo that was terrible. The guy helping me said it's what I needed because I was going to be smoking it while making a road trip. This cigar would...
  3. Jokes Forum
    Tech support: What kind of computer do you have? Customer: A white one... =============== Customer: Hi, this is Celine .. I can't get my diskette out. Tech support: Have you tried pushing the Button? Customer: Yes, sure, it's really stuck. Tech support: That doesn't sound good; I'll make a...
  4. General Pipe Forum
    ...and I can't for the life of me decide upon what to take with me today. Maybe I will finally put a dent in that Mac B Plumcake, or maybe the Dark Twist. Either way, I won't take my uniflake or LBF with me. I am trying to ration those until I can make another large buy.:-|
  5. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Great looking cigar. Dark wrapper, oily, nice construction. I grabbed this because I had less than an hour to smoke. I am not a big fan of CT's ... Read the full review here: Car. Torano Virtuoso Encore Cigar Review - Maybe it needs to sit
  6. General Discussion
    This is my new motor for my sand car. It's a Scat V-4 blown injected on alcohol. They actually cut 4 cylinders out of a V-8 and weld the front and back together again. Sounds crazy but it makes almost 600 horse power and only weighs 200 lbs. One of the greatest parts of this is sitting with a...
  7. Cigar Bombs
    I seriously had to sit and gather my thoughts about this post. I knew that I might be getting something from SilverFox that wasn't a secret. It's what he sent that blew me away. This is way over the top. We have had some fun lately with the '08 Newbie Brigade. It has been a combined effort. I am...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    Knew you couldn't? Thats how I've felt all day. I was up at 5am. I wanted to light up a smoke, but I have to take a long drive to north hollywood with my in laws today, and my mother in law has a nose like a dog... She can smell the faintest hint of cigar, and as soon as she does, I'd get...
  9. General Discussion
    I received this in an e-mail. It's is a true can check Snopes if you like. Some of our Canadian teachers should do this in their classrooms...might work here too!! Back in September of 2005, on the first day of school, Martha Cothren, a social studies school teacher at Robinson...
  10. Everywhere Else
    First off... this is NOT my event, but one I plan on attending without fail. Missed last year's because of poor timing, but I'm sure that many of my SC BOTLs will chime in who were there last year. I'll post more information when I have it. Here's what I do know... It's hosted by Tiny Tim, a...
  11. Everywhere Else
    NERF 2008! Wish no more, true believers!! The New England Herf [NERF] is coming - NERF 2008!! (yes, NERF 7 for the guys still counting) The New England Wrecking Krewe is already hard at work and ooooooo, hoochie mamma - NERF 2008 is gonna be bigger, better, NERF-er than ever!! Where at? Same...
  12. Cigar PIF's & MAW's
    Alright little boy, come sit on Santa's knee and tell me what it is that you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?
  13. Cigar PIF's & MAW's
    Sorry young lad,Santa has been a very busy man lately,Mrs. Claus got santa some "blue steel" for x-mas :D Now come sit on Santas lap and tell me what you want,and don't worry,that is just santas "candy cane" :ss
  14. Cigar PIF's & MAW's
    Well somehow you made it on the "good" list this year.... any hints for Santa?
  15. Cigar PIF's & MAW's
    Tell Santa what would make you a happy boy on Christmas day......
  16. Jokes Forum
    Look at their names:
  17. Cigar PIF's & MAW's
    What? a new bike...your two front teeth...a Red Ryder BB gun? Tell me.
  18. Cigar PIF's & MAW's
    I've heard you like the Montes, young man, but unfortunately Santa's fresh out. Let me see what else I have in my sack that you might enjoy.
  19. Cigar PIF's & MAW's
    Well, Troop_lee, I see you've only been around for a few months. However, I've been watching you during this time and you have been a very good boy. I see where you've been making babies too, and Santa wants to throw a big congratulations your way. A little Trooper, Jr. on the way! Santa will...
  20. Cigar PIF's & MAW's
    And tell Santa what you really want. He knows you like cigars, but he would like to fill your stocking with something special!!!
1-20 of 38 Results