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  1. General Discussion
    Watch starting at 1:35 ..
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    Anybody else watching this episode? They're doing a 90's flashback and Moe's is a cigar bar. Classic.
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    anyone watch the simpsons on sunday night? Homer's Jerk Ass Cigars? and the recurring Bill Clinton jokes? I want some Homer's Jerk Ass Cigars!
  4. Entertainment
    Well, this is the first episode after the movie. The show has a new feel, it seems. Possibly new writers, but this episode seems to be focused on one character angle, different from the past seasons with multiple angles throughout. The graphics are better than in the past. Overall, I like it! :tu
  5. Entertainment
    I went last night with my friend who is a die hard Simpsons fan and was surprised at how many people were actually out seeing this movie at midnight. There was a solid 500 people at the theater I went to. The movie itself was a lot more entertaining then I thought it would be. I was...
  6. General Discussion
    Go to your nearest 7-11 and get a box of Krusty O's!!!! Hoohoohoo huh huh huh!!!
  7. General Discussion
    Animated sitcom The Simpsons is celebrating 20 years since it made its debut on US television. Bart and his dysfunctional family are household names around the world but how much do you really know about the goings on in Springfield? Try our quiz to find out how much of a fan you really are...
  8. General Discussion
    Bring 'em on Simpsons Fans: "Sleep, that's where I'm a viking!" Ralph Wiggum
  9. Entertainment
    I cannot WAIT for this movie. It's a long time coming!
  10. General Discussion
    clicky and i always do feel like I am on thin ice :r
  11. General Discussion
    What happened to the Simpsons Trivia thread?
1-12 of 12 Results