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  1. Guns and Knives
    I have been looking to buy a 1911 for my duty carry weapon. Has anybody here purchased one of the Sig 1911's and if so what do you think of it. Now I have never been a sig fan but from what I have read sig is gearing up to take on kimber head to head with their 1911's.
  2. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Can I post my review here? Still don't have access to the habanos section but wanted to share this. Just don't want to post something in the wrong forum.
  3. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Pretty, very dark wrapper. Easy to light and maintains its burn without any work, but it burns quite unevenly and requires correction. Draw is me... Read the full review here: Gurkha Gurkha Sig 101 Maduro Robusto #4 Cigar Review - Poor Construction
  4. Guns and Knives
    I just installed a Laserlyte rear sight on my Sig. Now I have real peace of mind.
  5. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    GREAT deal on Guillermo Leon Sig & La Aurora 107 + FREEBIES! Check out the Atlanta Christmas Herf as well as these deals : Atlanta Christmas Herf - Puff Posting We spoke with John from Wise Ash and Josh from Miami Cigar yesterday and they've agreed to offer us some great deals on cigars in...
  6. Cigar Pictures
    I've been trying to post pics for a couple of days. It seems that my computer and camera are no longer on speaking terms. Sooo... I'm using my wife's computer. Thanks to Mike & Warren for their generousity.
  7. Habanos Reviews
    I sparked up this stick last night at the tiki bar. I don't have a lot of notes of photos because I was with company but I will say that although this cigar is asthecially (sp.) beautiful, I felt it was lacking. I got some coffee and honey with some woodsy undertones that didn't change much...
  8. Guns and Knives
    Does anyone have a Sig Pro? If so, what are your feelings about it?
  9. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    At MSRP plus 8% Pa. sales tax plus 11.00 priority shipping = $209 These are awesome smokes for the 1st time in yrs.
  10. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    I was very pleased with the overall appearance of this stick and the flavor of it was also very nice. however I had a very had time with the first ... Read the full review here: Gurkha Gurkha Sig 101 Maduro Robusto #4 Cigar Review - Gurhka 101
  11. Splits & Group Buys
    CI has a great sale on this for those who are Padilla fans. These cigars usually retail for arond $270 and up. They have 25 of them for $199. Who is up for a split of either half or in groups of 5? A 5 pak would be $45 which would include shipping. This cigar usually goes for $13 a...
  12. Habanos Reviews
    I planned on taking pictures, but if you have hung out with me recently you know my camera is not cooperating and takes horrible pictures. Currently, Best Buy is sending it out to be replaced. Once it returns these weekly reviews will have pictures...I promise. I headed up to my local pub to...
  13. General Discussion
    My new MA compliant Sig 556 and a picture someone took at our annual pumpkin shoot on Sunday. Great rifle.
  14. General Discussion
    Looks like a really trick rifle! AR MAGS WORK WITH THIS............
  15. General Cigar Discussion
    Premature or not... any objections I'll remove it...
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    Im not sure how to make a bar like my taboo lover bar in my signature....Can anyone make me a drew estate lover bar for me?
  17. Site Help and Suggestions
    Trying to link my sig line to The CRS Platoon thread and when I do it takes to to the last post in the thread. I would like it to take you to the original post in the thread. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance. Al Code I am using below...
  18. Habanos Discussion
    Ah, the age old question. "To age or not to age." A lot of people are saying these '07s are good to go now. I had one from a pif, and while it was okay, I think a little age would improve them a whole lot. So weigh in on this one if you have had the Sig II tubo and have an opinion.
1-18 of 36 Results