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  1. General Pipe Forum - Welcome often has pipes for sale. You bid on them auction style. Some interesting ones come up on occasion. Just sharing the info... -- Search Results
  2. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Just wanted to toss out a few things I've learned over the past few months with a 1200 count temp regulated humi and kitty litter (KL). I was going to add it to the KL thread but with 1500 replies it gains a new page every couple days so people who run into the same questions/issues may never...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    I posted on another thread about sentimental cigars. Today was the anniversary of my father's death. I go every year ans share a smoke with him. It was a good morning.
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    I have a good friend who I have tried to smoke cigars with a couple of times but he always refuses. He thinks that cigars == cigarettes for some odd reason. Do you guys have any tips on convincing him they're not evil? About 10 years ago he was in a group called TATU (Teens Against Tobacco...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    Found a guy with about 8 grand of Opus varieties he's looking to get rid of. Everything from the Opus in a Bottle that was limitedly produced years ago (he wants 300 each) to the Forbidden Phantoms released a year before the original 2004 Forbiddens to the original 2004 Forbidden's which he is...
  6. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Relaxing at the end of the day with a fine cigar is a beautiful thing. Having people you enjoy also smoking cigars near you an be part of that enjo... Read the full review here: Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 Robusto Cigar Review - Best cigar for sharing.
  7. General Discussion
    Our BOTL Cody has inspired me to show you guys a lil of what else I've got going on. I keep and breed many tropical fish, specializing in SA Cichlids and Plecos. Rare Plecos being my main focus. I have 5 tanks dedicated to just them. Here's a sample of some of my collection. Most people...
  8. Cigar Accessory Questions
    Well I am personally a bit of a germaphobe and when it comes to letting someone use my cutter I take no exception. I have personally seen guys stick a cigar between their lips and then ask to borrow my cutter. To me it is just sick. Have you seen it? What do you say without looking like a total a$$?
  9. General Cigar Discussion
    Do you keep a cigar journal? I know I do, and I find it to be an informative reminder of what I like and don't like. I've found that it is helpful when going to the B&M wanting a recommendation of something new. I find it helps me make informative decisions when making purchases. Today I...
  10. Cigar Contests
    As some of you know from reading some of my posts I have a strong belief in Karma and I have had such a wonderful family vacation that I thought it best I put some poisitive Karma back on the wheel. So here is the deal. This contest is open to all that have never won a contest of mine. If two...
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    On July 5th, My mom scored a box of 2004 Habana Gold Churchill cigars at a yard sale for 3 bucks, she she promptly gifted to my bro and I. They where only slightly dry, but still very smoke able out the box, and It was only missing 3 or 4 of them and my bro and I have smoked like 4-5 each since...
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    This time of year I'm either doing a last minute cookout for the softball team or going to a last minute cookout...Most of my friends don't know a difference between good cigar and a $2 buck grab bag sampler... (Funny thing is they had a Cohibo last weekend and hated it) :r If they see me...
  13. General Pipe Forum
    We were young... We were in LOVE... We shared everything... ...but when she wants to share the same pipe and tobacco... :confused: ...that's where I draw the line!
  14. Tech Corner
    Im looking for a free music sharing site, similar to what Napster was. I want something that I dont have to download several different programs in order to download songs and burn them to CDs. Something easy to use that has all the latest music. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you
  15. General Discussion The purpose of this thread is to give people an outlet for those little earworms that sometimes drive us nuts but also sometimes give us pause, introspection, and comfort. The idea is to post your earworm here and perhaps a link to the song or video so that...
  16. General Discussion
    Please allow me to state something and I hope it is not taken wrongly. A bomb is meant as a token of either a moment of laughter, friendship, enjoyment of a certain cigar or generosity towards a new member. CL has the most bombs going off continually than any other site I know of... but let's...
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    not only is it cool to be able to trade at a place like this, but the mail lady is SMOKIN hot. shes very friendly and smiles at me every time i drop off a package. it certainly brightens up my day. :D
  18. Cigar Bombs
    hangin with seth (golfman) at nyc herf 3.5 i was talking metal with seth - about favorite bands, new bands, etc. big mistake...................................... i was hating life at having to work midnites, when i notice this box on my porch. seth, you made my day...........lit up that...
  19. General Cigar Discussion
    OK so I joined CS on 5/17 didn't really smoke cigars before that (perhaps 1 or 2 at the most a year if that) Now I have a 120ct Humidor that is pretty much filled. and I have a box of Torano Exodus 1959 Silver coming as well as a Padron 1964 Sampler and a Travel Humi with the 9 sticks. I...
  20. General Cigar Discussion
    I recently bought a cigar sampler ( and I was wondering whether would share these with three of your friends or would you ask for a couple of dollars in return?
1-20 of 24 Results