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  1. Commercial Roast Reviews
    I've read some of the coffee threads regarding the pod brewers, especially the Senseo. I had never heard of this system until I started working at my new job last year. Since I'm only one of three coffee drinkers in the office, there is no community pot everyday, and coffee is brewed only when...
  2. Coffee Discussion
    If you're so inclined. I got this in my email today, thought I'd share for those who may have missed out on it last time. If selected for a free machine, you just pay the S&H of $15. clicky
  3. Coffee Discussion
    I just compared a cup of coffee between the Black and Decker pod machine and the Senseo Supreme pod machine. The biggest difference that some may not like is that the Senseo machine puts a froth on the coffee and the B&D doesn't. With the B&D you have to use 2 Pods to get a strong enough cup...
  4. Coffee Discussion
    We all chipped in at work and got the Senseo Supreme pod machine. It cost $126 at This machine is great! Makes great coffee and is very clean and convenient. Anyone else have this machine? I have a B&D pod machine at home but I think I might get the Senseo Supreme now.
  5. Coffee Discussion
    Found this system over in Raleigh - bought it, brought it home and set it up and it made FAN-tastic coffee way fast on my first try! Cleanup takes seconds. It accommodates custom roasts, homeroast or coffee from a can and, for my money, works better than any other coffee brewing system out...
  6. Coffee Discussion
    We ran out of coffee pods for my B&D coffee pod maker recently and we picked up some Senseo Pods at the Safeway. I like them alot. I have to put two pods in the pod maker to make a cup that is strong enough for my taste but it comes out great.
1-6 of 6 Results