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  1. Cigar Questions
    The other day I was about 1/3 through a CAO La Traviata when something came up and I had to leave. I stubbed it out and threw it away. Could I have saved it for later? I wouldn't have been able to get back to it for a day or two. Would it have been any good if I had kept in a zip loc bag?
  2. General Discussion
    Anyone have any experience in vintage bikes. I acquired a vintage enduro bike on a photo trade. Trying to find some parts. Ebay has helped, but not totally. The bike I have is a 1981 Yamaha IT 175. Thanks for any help in finding a Salvage Yard.:tu
  3. General Discussion
    OK, maybe you are not a Buick lover, maybe you are not a Grand National lover, but you deserve 5500 RG! :chk
  4. General Discussion
    If you really need to salvage some specific info from a thread that was lost, you can always try using the google cache. go to google and enter some words that would be in the thread, then hit space and add to the search. If it finds the thread, you can then click the...
1-4 of 4 Results