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  1. Cars and Motorcycles
    Me and a friend bought this prerunner in a pretty haggard state. It has 37" of wheel travel, triple bypass shocks, propane powered, bump stops, a full chassis through out. It just needed some love. we dismantled it to the cab and motor and powdwer coated, painted and repaired just about...
  2. Cigar Bombs
    all the way from south africa i think joe's trying to kill and yeah,i smoke a pipe too definitely gonna enjoy myself! thank you very much joe!! i'm gonna have to think hard about this one...
  3. Pipe Related Reviews
    This is fun stuff. It comes as a crumble cake, but the rum has bonded the bits of tobacco together in such a way as to not crumble, but peel off in layers so as to create something of a flake. It smells interesting in the tin. Kind of musty, earthy, and faintly of molasses and rum. Mine seemed a...
  4. General Pipe Forum
    Is this a blend I need to worry about ghosting my briars? I think I might jump into a tin of it this week and need to figure out what to smoke it in.
  5. General Discussion
    Coyote and The Road Runner Willie Coyote and The Road Runner
  6. General Discussion
    WARNING THIS IS GRAPHIC Brad Coleman a nascar driver, was testing at Toyota's Arizona PRoving Grounds and hit a coyote. When i say hit I mean HIT. Check out these links but be warned if you get queesy easy don't look. SPORTSbyBROOKS » NASCAR Driver Mashes Up Coyote At 190 MPH
  7. Cigar Bombs
    I got home to a little piece of paper in my mailbox. I thought it was one of my recent purchases from CI so I headed straight for the post office before they closed at 5 pm, I got there just in time to get it. I eagerly rushed home and tore into the package....and there it was a rock sprung out...
  8. Non-Habanos Reviews
    A while ago I ordered a Taboo sampler from Taboo Cigars. I decided to throw 2 Rum Runner Buccaneers in with the order b/c they were $1.99 a piece. All I want to say is DO NOT TRY THESE DARN THINGS! Holy crap, even Swishers and Phillies Blunts are better. This is the worst cigar I have ever...
  9. General Cigar Discussion
    Are Rum Runner cigars any good? I went to a dirt track race the other night and some guy had a little cigarillo of one and it smelled pretty good.
  10. General Cigar Discussion
    i just orderd some rum runner pirates and i did not even think about it but will i have to get a diff humi for them. I have read some threads about flavor cigars with my regular ones does this count to or is it just the acid's any info or advice would be great as i a still new to this lol...
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    wow man thanks again for the contest, and again for the nubs. me and a few friends are going to get together next week to enjoy the nubs. thanks again winnings include: 3 X Nubs 1 of each wrapper 1 X Oliva V 1 X Tat
  12. Entertainment
    I just recently bought his and just now finished watching it. I wathced the original US theatrical release (included on the 4 disc set) before watching the "final cut" and I have to say the Final is better. They got rid of the film noir narration that seemed a little forced anyway, and there...
  13. Coffee Discussion
    ....goes to Tristan for his video and excellent placement of the UB coffee mug during his film shoot. Hit us with a T shirt size partner! :ss
  14. Coffee Discussion
    Announcement comes tomorrow. Ten hours+ of bribes. Can't wait....LOL:ss
  15. Entertainment
    I've always been a huge fan of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, from growing up with the Theatrical Version on VHS to seeing the Director's Cut a few years back. Last night I went to see The Final Cut at the movie theatre... It is, without a shadow of doubt, absolutely magnificent. The print has...
  16. Cigar Contests
    I got second place in a contest held by Archer82. Sorry but the camera is down at the moment, but he sent me some awesome sticks, Thanks again for sending these to me, it was very cool of you. I received- Gurkha Masters Select Free Cuba-very interesting band Padilla Miami 8 and 11 corona-my...
  17. Cigar Bombs
    We've got a replicant on the loose that needs to be contained. I guess my recommendation for cooking quail/dove/snipe breast was a hit. I suppose you could use it for venison? Didn't get out this year, but I got Replicant Argent's bomb to keep me happy. Here's the damage: Indian Tabac...
  18. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Today i once again had a rum runner, as i have many, many times but this time i really sat back and analyzed each draw 7" and 42 ring gauge First impression, before it was lit the smell of rum was excellent, the wrapper was a nice natural brown with a subtle oily shine, the way it should be...
1-18 of 19 Results