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  1. (WTS) Non-cigar Related Items
    1 month old Netgear Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router. This looks and performs exactly as new. The only reason I am selling it is because I had to switch internet services and all of my new equipment was provided to me so now I have this as extra and don't need it. I just bought it a month ago...
  2. (WTS) Non-cigar Related Items
    Some quick stats: 802.11g coverage up to 1000 feet, backwards compatible for b and pre-N, WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption, NAT/SPI firewall, 4 LAN ports... This router is maybe 1 1/2 to 2 years old, still looks new. I had this in the front of my house, downstairs, and we would have coverage all the...
  3. (WTS) Non-cigar Related Items
    I have two NIB Linksys E4200 N Routers that are usually $130-$180 retail. Looking for $100 shipped within the CUN or fair cigar trades. Thank you Derek Linksys E4200 - Maximum Performance Wireless N Router - Cisco Home Products Store
  4. (WTB) Non-cigar Related Items
    Well, our wireless rounter took a dump :(. So I am on a search for a new one, I am looking for a half way descent one that will last a while. Right now I have about $20 bucks to spend on one, I know that is not nearly enough to cover what they cost. If a generous BOTL has an extra one they would...
  5. (WTB) Non-cigar Related Items
    OK---- I'm moving into the 21st. century in looking for a "Wireless Router" to use with my recent gifted laptop & home PC. If you can assist me in this it would be greatly appreciated. I have Cox and a modem at the moment and have "No Idea" where to start . Other than getting the router. (again...
  6. Tech Corner
    I currently have a Linksys wireless G router. Its about 7 years old give or take. I was wanting to upgrade to get some more range/better signal for the laptop and to speed up the other computers. Should I buy an N type or stick with the G? I have an older compaq laptop which uses the wireless...
  7. Tech Corner
    I'd like it to be wireless of coarse, but a USB in would be a ice addition. Any ideas?
  8. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    A few 5ers for your consideration: 1 - Hemingway Classic (maduro) - $40 1 - Hemingway Classic (nattie) - $25 1 - Padron 1926 #35 (maduro) - $45 1 - Padilla Miami Robusto (new band - CA rated 94) - $25 PLUS ONE A VERY SPECIAL 5er - $120: 1 - Opus X LOVE STORY (from box #21) 1 - AF Anejo #77...
  9. Cigar Bombs
    I was having connectivity issues and was getting kicked out of the chat constantly a few days ago. -MG-(kris) said that he would send me a spare wireless router he has lying around. Can't remember the names of them all but from what I can there's a: Twist Barber Pole 5 vegas miami man o' war...
  10. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    I am looking to purchase a router and would like some suggestions on what to look for. I own some rental property and do minor repairs, hang a door occasionally but other than than not any larger jobs. I am interested in getting into wood working and a router will be my next purchase. So far I...
  11. General Discussion
    Hey guys are there any routers out there that will take a wireless card? I know that sounds odd, but i'm just curious.
  12. General Discussion
    Is it possible for me to install a router without a base computer. I only have a laptop and I want it to be wireless. I can't understand the language customer support is speaking so I am counting on the gorillas. Thanks in advance. Belkin router by the way.
  13. General Discussion
    I use a D-link Di-624 router with a DWL-650 card. Worked perfectly on my HP ZD7000. I had this laptop wired directly with the ethernet cable from the router while an older Dell laptop was wireless. Win XP with Norton anti-virus. Now, I've tried to use the same set-up on my new Dell Inspiron...
1-13 of 13 Results