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  1. Coffee Discussion
    I saw a movie called The Good Heart staring Brian Cox. He plays a pub owner in it. There was actually a scene of him roasting green coffee in a cast iron pan in it. There was a story to it too. He gets his coffee from a friend in the Caribbean. I do not think I have ever seen a scene of...
  2. Coffee Discussion
    I was reading some online advice for stove top coffee roasting, and there is quite a discrepancy as to what temperature to start the roast. Some say 400 degrees and others 500. A 100 degree difference is huge. Can anyone here shed some light on this for me? I'm thinking I will split the...
  3. Coffee Discussion
    Today is a roasting day and I'm camped in the rudimentary "man-cave" aka the garage with the Behmor, a Castello Aristicata, some AJ's VaPer, and several pounds to be roasted. Coffee Roasting Points - A Shop-Vac or equivalent is most important for keeping the Behmor clean. - Keeping a log of...
  4. Coffee Discussion
    Ugh I hate cold weather and have to re-adjust my hobby accordingly. What about you?
  5. Coffee Discussion
  6. Coffee Discussion
    Wondering what all I need besides the roaster itself... Gloves, a digital scale, mesh colander... Ca anyone make good inexpensive recommendations on them? Particularly the scale?
  7. Coffee Discussion
    Here's a thread that gives you an opportunity to tell us what you are roasting. Nothing formal. Just tell us whatchu are setting a flame to Later today, I'm roasting: Ethiopian Biloya 2 Misty Valley San Jose Ocana
  8. Coffee Discussion
    I'm looking to roast some for the first time. I have the IRoar2. So if you could give me a color reference(pic) that would be very helpful. I'm just not used to hearing the !st crack never the less the 2nd. I'm sure there are other roasters that are quieter. Any suggestions on a roaster with...
  9. Coffee Discussion
    I am looking to start roasting and grinding my own coffee. I am asking for advice on equipment to purchase. I have looked at roasters and grinders but want the opinions of others that have been hear as to try and aviod pitfalls and re-purchases. I occasionally drink espresso, however my wife is...
  10. Coffee Discussion
    My collision with the Coffee of Destiny is still playing out but it has not stopped me from my roasting endeavors! I have since conned my wife into letting me do multiple roasts indoors. I think she's had enough though. I have roasted Costa Rican, Ethiopian, Sumatran, and Kenyan beans. I...
  11. Coffee Discussion
    Okay, maybe overstated a little. When roasting this morning, I was thinking about the amount of chaff left on your finished roasts. When roasting, different coffees definitely don't have the same level of residual chaff, or even the same amount of chaff blown off the bean in the roasting...
  12. Coffee Discussion
    If I were to start roasting again I'd definately just set up a SC/CO right from the outset rather than purchasing a freshroast + (or even a Iroast II for that matter). IMHO the product tastes better than from a air bed roaster For about $20 more than a fresh rosat + and about $50 less than an...
  13. Coffee Discussion
    I will miss you guys and wish you all well. Best, Mister "Dan" Moo
  14. Coffee Discussion
    A new purchase to see if I can get some more precise roasts. And I just thought it would be cool. The unit only goes to 400 degrees, but it was relatively cheap and certainly will tell me if I have progressed well after first crack. The unit I was looking at before this went considerably...
  15. Coffee Discussion
    I was all jazzed on home-roasting until I read that it makes a lot of smoke and that it should be done outside. I live in a small one-bedroom place and really don't want to have to go out to my balcony every few days to roast. Is it really that much smoke? If it is, maybe I'll hook up some...
  16. Coffee Discussion
    How many of you have roasted with just a cast iron skillet on your stovetop? Was it met with any success? I also saw a cast iron pan on "" (I think). I have been interested in roasting for some time but have never taken the plunge. But maybe if I just got some beans and...
  17. General Discussion
    Anyone have experience with coffee roasting? I got the iRoast 2 as a gift and have been hunting online for tips and tricks on the best way to get started. I roasted my first batch of green Tanzania Ruvuma Peaberry beans this morning to a full city roast and I hope to enjoy some tomorrow morning...
  18. Coffee Discussion
    Start thinking about it fellas. Don't leave nothing to chance. Don't let your family drink swill. Strike a blow for specialty coffee throughout the land. Plan. Roast. Rest. Imbibe. :ss
  19. Coffee Discussion
    Get busy. Don't serve let your family drink or serve swill. :ss
  20. Commercial Roast Reviews
    ...of year. Crisp, cool 55 degrees outside. Nice comfy roasting inside. Just finished roasting a lot of coffee. Now enjoying some quesadillas and some Quelque Chose beer. Belly up, Cohiba Secretos is the nite cap. It is a beautiful life. :ss
1-20 of 49 Results