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  1. (WTS) Non-cigar Related Items
    I dont roast beans anymore and will sell my system that works fantastic,,,,it roast 3/4 to 1 pound of beans at a time here is the link to where I bought it.....its the comeplete $290 system and I want $200 shipped in the USA....mine is used but works great and will send pics of it if you are...
  2. Commercial Roast Reviews
    I tried 3 of his roasts, and here is how they hit me. I generally like a strong cup of coffee, and take it with splash of cream. I tasted all of these black, and then with milk. Contact me if you want his details. 1. Kona Blend -- This was the mildest of the 3 I tried. It had a nice, very...
  3. Coffee Discussion
    Now, I'm a super-noob in this area, and it's mostly because I was finished with the pipe forums that I have wanted to test the slope on the coffee side. I'm looking into buying a coffee roaster. This will be my first. It seems that many people choose the I-roast or the Behmor Drum roaster...
  4. Coffee Discussion
    2-lb Aricha Micro lot 27 OMG! 1-lb Brazil Santos (this lot is new to me - first try tomorrow morning)
  5. Coffee Discussion
    Do I go for a new roaster or keep on using the "Were-Ever: Popcorn Pumper". Keep in mind cooling is not an issue when it comes to a roaster......any opinions.
  6. Coffee Discussion
    I have had some problems with my currant roaster and know it can't meet my needs without me killing it every 4-5 months. I am in no hurry to get a new roaster, really I just want my old one back from tech so I can ruin it again before the warranty has expired. The Hot Top seems to meet the...
  7. Coffee Discussion
    Here is a few sales on coffee roasters at Sweet Maria's $230 for a slightly dented Behmor, I paid $300 and had some small dents :r.
  8. Coffee Discussion
    My wife and I are really starting to get into coffee and are wanting to roast our own beans. I've been reading alot on and I think I may have found the roaster I want. I'd be interested in hearing CS:Coffee's opinion on this particular roaster. I know about the popcorn popper and...
  9. Coffee Discussion
    So it begins. The objective is: 1) outdoor 1-4 pound roast capacity; with 2) roast time at capacity in under 12 minutes per cycle; and 2) the job complete for under $200. I already have a roasting drum that I made from a wastebasket a few years ago. It includes steel 1/4" square stock...
  10. Coffee Discussion
    There is a whole thread on this over on; just proves that low tech and perseverance can produce a nice cuppa. I reckon the cost to set up one of these rigs should be well under the one dollar threshold. clicky
  11. Coffee Discussion
    Too cool. An honest old-timey family grocery, cafe-bar, bakery, coffee roasterie and delicatessen. Must be seen visited to be appreciated. I bought three new mokapots including two Bialetti 1-cuppers. Mazarros also has the largest piece of cheese ever exported to the US, their Tee-shirt claims...
  12. Coffee Discussion
    Since Tristan bombed me with some fresh roasted bean the other day:tu, I have been looking into getting myself a roaster of some sort, and sliding down yet another slope:hn. I see quite a few posts on the popperyII, FR8, and the SCCO roasters, but only one thread about the Nesco roaster that...
  13. Coffee Discussion
    I normally don't drink coffee. I normally drink yerba mate. But I've been needing a new hobby lately and figured I'd get into smoking... err roasting coffee. I grabbed 5lbs of beans and plan on using the dog bowl method. I figured I might need a heat gun as well. I'll get to roasting tomorrow.
  14. Coffee Discussion
    I know that someof you use a SCCO, I see on Amazon that they have two models a 6qt and a 8qt. Which would be the preferred? Where can I find detailed instructions with photos for building one of these?
  15. Coffee Discussion
    Looks like it's either here, or almost here.....
  16. Coffee Discussion, really, I GOT the roaster right here in my coffee-stained hands!!:tu Ordered a FR8 starter kit from Coffee Bean Corral, which included the FR and 1/2 lb of each of the following 6: Australian Bundja extra fancy Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Sulawesi Toraja shade grown Brazilian Ipanema Fazenda...
  17. Coffee Discussion
    for $101.95! is running this special right now - FR Plus 8 roaster, Hearthware Burr Grinder, and 5 - 1/2 samples of beans. Yes, I have one on the way!
  18. Coffee Discussion
    Well, maybe. I was at the goodwill picking up a few mason jars for something I'm cooking up and I saw an air popper popcorn popper for $3.00 and then it was half off on top of that! I hope this thing works. Now to find some beans.....
  19. Coffee Discussion
    Thanks everyone for your guidance on the French Press - I sure appreciate it. Now on to a roaster. There was a time not so long ago when I would have gone the popcorn popper and/or grill drum route. But now with work, parents, teenage son I know I don't have the desire to fart around with it...
  20. Coffee Discussion
    I've been spending too much time on the Geek site lately, but this roaster looks very very interesting to me. Apparently it's been vetted by some top notch guys who give it a thumbs up. Supposed to be out next month for somewhere between 3-400...
1-20 of 29 Results