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  1. General Pipe Forum
    Strange title? Yes. It will make sense in a moment though… So, obviously one can make smoke rings with their mouth. Everyone knows that. But who knew you can make smoke rings with the pipe bowl? I didn't until just recently. It's pretty calm outside today (I only smoke outside) and I was...
  2. General Pipe Forum
    I'm currently reading the whole series starting with the hobbit, and I got the idea to start a collection of the lotr inspired pipe tobaccos. I have found a few so far, frog morton, the name of the others escape me at the moment but they are the lotr pipe weed tobaccos. Anyone have any suggestions
  3. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Overall, I found neocacher's review to be strikingly similar to my own sentiments regarding this train-wreck of a cigar. Started off great, then we... Read the full review here: Alec Bradley Medalist Belicoso Cigar Review - Good for practicing smoke rings.
  4. General Pipe Forum
    I've seen the official ones, and they look amazing, but $250 is pretty steep for a pipe. I figure the style isn't that absurd. Its an oversized churchwarden with an extremely thick shank and stem. Anyone seen anything like this? I was thinking it would be cheaper if I could move away from one...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    I'm sure everyone can assume what this thread is about based on the title. I have always thought smoke rings were one of the coolest things a smoker can do. Despite my efforts I have been unable to consistently achieve this ability. Every once in a while I manage to get what one may see as a...
  6. Cigar Contests
    Just thought I would follow in the footsteps of some other fine BOTL's on this site and run a comp to celebrate my first 100 posts(majority of which are dribble). Also my way of saying thanks to the forum for the help so far. So onto the competition, it will run for one week and it is pretty...
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    Messing around in the shop after a days work.... and put the old tripod and the timer to work.... Thinking to myself.... "self, this would be a good thread on PUFF".... So.... let's see some Smoke Rings!!! Smoke Source: NUB Maduro
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    Hey there, I recently picked up what I remember to be a very good cigar... The Hoyo Double Coronas. I've currently left it in my humidor for a few days, and plan to light it up in a week or two. However, I suspected that I remembered the ring to be slightly different to what it was on the...
  9. General Pipe Forum
    Des anyone have experience with the Macqueen LOTR pipes? I am looking at acquiring the Wizard and the Ranger. Any help appreciated.
  10. Cigar Pictures
    Well not really the postman this time it was the UPS guy. After getting my box of eccj's today from the mailman the UPS guy got here with my second ox of the day. I was looking at those threads some of you put up about this humi and Franks put me over the edge, so I ordered one too. It was one...
  11. Sports Forum
    Not really, :r But would anyone be surprised:D
  12. Sports Forum,87356
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    Do you blow smoke rings? I do it automatically with a cigar I'm enjoying. Occasionally I can blow a small ring through a large one. Any other cool tricks?
  14. Cigar Bombs
    Well, about a week ago the subject of aged Padron X000's came up and I told him I would be glad to buy a few from him. Never heard back from him...until now. On my doorstep were 5 beautiful AGED Padron 3000's from 2002! YELLOW WRAPPERS and all! Thanks again, I am happy to pay you for them if...
  15. General Discussion
    Congrats Tim, You deserve it
  16. General Discussion
    Yup........almost forgot the cigars. Getting Married tommorow !!! Wow, I cant believe how lucky I am to find someone like my Fiance. Tommorow is the big day and I am ready.
  17. General Discussion
    What do you like on your onion rings? 1. Catsup 2. Mustard 3. Mayo 4. None of the above
  18. General Discussion
    Anyone familiar with mens rings that look like cigar bands? I have seen one website where you mail them a cigar band and they build a gold pinky ring to match the cigar band. Bet it costs a small fortune. Have you ever seen anyone at a Herf with a ring that looks like a cigar band...
  19. Jokes Forum
    For those of you trying to learn how to make smoke rings, here is a new method I had not seen before. If you are at work, you might want to wait to click on this until you get home...tee hee.
  20. General Discussion
    I can't blow a smoke ring to save my life!! Anyone got any pointers? Someone care to do a video how-to? Walt?
1-20 of 36 Results