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  1. Site Help and Suggestions
    Why was quick reply removed? I always used this to respond to threads.
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hi Admins, It appears in the redesign, we lost the memberlist link... would you mind putting that back up? Sometimes I look for people, not posts. Thanks!! Chris
  3. Cigar Questions
    I had some strong tabac cigars in my humidor (all the same kind). I removed these and kept box closed for a week. Next, I reseasoned and wiped all the sides with dis. water. When the humidor was ready I threw in my box of Nat Shermans which are very mild with no bite to them. About three days...
  4. Cigar Pictures
    I decided to do a little organization of my first humidor. I removed the cellos from the cigars in the top tray, and decided to keep the cellos on the stash in the bottom...but oh man do they look so much better in the nude!
  5. Cigar Bombs
    Thank you very much Critch (Field). Too bad it's 9 months late. At last years shack herf the first ever delivery via ups or usps was made. (No mailbox there). Got this wonderful package from Field and a nice note to Tom, Sam and I. Well things get a little crazy at herf time and the package...
  6. General Discussion
    ...atleast it feels like it! I went to the dentist last week to get the skinny on having my bridge replaced...turns out I had much, much more done. So today, I left with 4 fillings, 2 crowns, and prep-work on my reconstructed bridge (the opposing teeth prep-work, since they erupted into the...
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    Well, I went and done it. I got married a couple of weeks ago. :hn I am actually a very happy gorilla. I am very happy it's all over with!!! Anyway, we went to the Cancun area on our honeymoon. I haven't been smoking cigars all that much lately but I just had to stop by the LCDH after...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    In the current PayPal thread, I was looking into additional banned tobacco-related words to avoid. I ended up blogging worse news: Cigars Banned From Online Thesaurus Sad but true. Dear Califascists: :fu Don't deny my Constitutional rights to :w, :aland :gn! Yours angrily, Aaron
  9. General Discussion
    Well I finally had those suckers taken out. It was not as bad as I thought it would be (even though 2 were impacted, I haven't experienced much pain at all!!). Now I am just waiting for my mouth to heal properly so I can have a cigar! Dentist said wait 48 hours, but I think I am going to wait a...
  10. General Discussion
    For the record, I am not trying to stir anything up. IHT suggested I put up this poll.
  11. Cigar Bombs
    Paul NavyDoc generously volunteered to send me a RyJ 2001 LE robusto and the box so I could compare them to the box O'fakes that I had received recently. When the box arrived, however, I knew something wasn't quite right from the look on the mail lady's face. "The box sent Fidel, our Havana...
1-11 of 15 Results