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  1. Guns and Knives
    Thinking about getting a Remington 700. Anyone have any input on which models are better, or which ones I should stay away from? I'm thinking either the an SPS or the XCR II It's either going to be .308 or .223, leaning toward .223 because it would be cheaper. Also leaning towards a composite...
  2. General Discussion
    Well, today is a good day on the home front. Just stopped back from the gun shop with my first gun. Picked up a Remington 870 Express 20 gauge pump. Very, very nice gun, and I am exceedingly happy about it. I must say, it has a beautiful wood-grain on the stock and fore-end, and it's still real...
  3. Cigar Accessory Questions
    Does anyone have one of these. I am a bit hesitant because the price is a bit low. Don't get me wrong, I love a good price, but I have been looking at prices for a while and this is cheaper than others in the same category. If someone has one of these and can vouch for the effectiveness (or...
1-3 of 3 Results