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  1. Habanos Reviews
    When these first came out in 2007 I bought a box. I smoked a couple and thought they were okay. Then I gave some away to friends. I've smoked a couple a year since then. They went from okay to blah. It's 2011 and I still have several in the box. So here goes... These look pretty good. Wrapper...
  2. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Just a great cigar. look,flavour and burn great. draw a bit tight low amount of smoke but very complex Read the full review here: Hoyo de Monterrey (Cuba) Edicion Limitada 2007 Regalos Cigar Review - outstanding
  3. Habanos Discussion
    Gents Back to the well I come. I have read mixed reviews on this offering. Any thoughts ? Thanks
  4. Habanos Reviews
    Open the box and get a strong barnyard smell right off the bat. I pulled out the cigar to sniff it and wow the odor hasn't dissipated. Great draw! I lit it up and after a couple of minutes of a grassy barnyardish flavor, it opens up and tastes great! Notes of cocoa, coffee beans and burnt...
  5. Habanos Discussion
    What's the word on these? Thinking of a box purchase. Thinking very, very seriously. :)
  6. Habanos Discussion
    Has anyone tried these? What are you thoughts on it and would you recomend buying a box? Thanks for your help. Paul Patel.
  7. Habanos Reviews
    I had the pleasure of sampling one of this year's Edicion Limitada cigars tonight. Tonight's review is the Hoyo de Monterrey Regalos. The wrapper was very dark and oily. Construction was top notch and showed little veins throughout. This cigar was very rich in flavor; medium-full body. The...
  8. Habanos Reviews
    These came express from my vendor yesterday so I fired one up to see what they are like. The wrapper was as ugly as it gets, but who cares it's all about taste. This cigar smelled unbelievable cold. Rich, sweet tobacco, I wanted to eat it rather than smoke it. Anyway I lit it and was...
1-8 of 8 Results