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  1. Habanos Discussion
    I was thinking of buying some but read somewhere that the 2010 RASS have been off. I was just wondering if anyone had tried them and could give me a heads up.
  2. Habanos Reviews
    Recently I have been going through some boxes I picked up in late summer/early fall to see how these cigars are coming along. Since it was warmer tonight I figure I would light up one of my RASS and do a quick review. Sorry for not having any pics, I tried to take some with my web came but...
  3. Habanos Discussion
    Smoked one last night and wanted to keep the band for ordering but my gf tossed it whats the brand on this exceptional smoke??
  4. Habanos Discussion
    I just got a box of Mar 08 RASS...How are these smoking right now? How long should I put them down for?
  5. Habanos Discussion
    So today my box of Ramon Allones Specially Selected arrived. No customs which was GREAT! What wasn't so great though is that 8 of the sticks came with MOLD on them. I can't believe it! All 8 were from the bottom layer in the box, the top layer all appears to be fine. Take a look at the...
  6. Habanos Discussion
    Gentlemen, I'm smoking a RASS that I got from Donnie in the PIF/MAW. This thing is just amazing. Everything I love about cubans and with a special kick to it. The draw and burn is perfect and the flavors are absolutely delectable. Ya ROCKED me, Donnie!
  7. Habanos Reviews
    I have never been a real fan of RAs but I recieved a couple recently and picked up a box of RASCC so I might as well see if its me or the cigar... Punched with my Nibo Triple flame and toasted..really woodsy/earthy flavor. Solid cigar with TONS of smoke. Its very woodsy/earthy and I think...
  8. Habanos Discussion
    I'm planning to buy either Ramon Allones Specially Selected Cab of 50 or Cohiba Robustos 25. I have both of them(DB of 25 RASS and CoRo's SLB) but I haven't tried them yet because of cold weather and I think I will not be able to smoke them before a purchase(they are discounted now). Cohiba...
  9. Habanos Discussion
    Any thoughts on these 2 years for the RASS? I know 06' was a great year for this smoke, do these 2 years even come close? What are your thoughts if you have any from these years.
  10. Habanos Discussion
    Is there much of a difference in taste between the two? Is one way better than the other?
  11. Cigar Pictures
    I got my shipment of cigars in on Saturday and the Ramon Allones was one I haven't tried but heard nothing but great things about it. I smoked it tonight and thought it was very good and one I will order again. Sorry dark outside and pic from phone. :biggrin:
  12. About Buying, Selling, and Trading - Please read!
    I would like to trade for a three pack of RASS. let me know what you want if I have it I will trade you.
  13. Cigar Pictures
    This is the second part of the split between Chuck aka-Lighthouse and I. I love me some RASS! The other great smokes are from a trade with me and Marquel aka-Marquelcg. He was looking for a few special Bolivar and hit me with this Outstanding fiver with most of my absolute N/C favorites. Thank...
  14. Habanos Reviews
    After reading alot of favorable comments about 07 RA's recently, I snatched one out of a cab this morning. I think I will stick with the "aged is better" mentality. First 1/3 was very nice, then it went downhill. Pure ammonia to me. Tried a purge, got a few more good draws before I had to...
  15. Habanos Discussion
    I purchased a box of RASS's among other things from an internet vendor that I thought I considered reputable. The box codes (TEB JUL07) seems to check out but the bands have very little embossing. The shields appear to have none. I'm hoping to get some info from people who have purchased...
  16. Want to Buy (WTB)
    I'm looking for two empty RASS boxes and some blank cigar labels. If anyone can help shoot me a PM. I"m sure we can work something out.
  17. Habanos Discussion
    POLL: What is your suggested "aging" for a RASS
  18. Habanos Reviews
    I am all excited about trying out this cigar for the first time, but read on: The set up: The Setting (my back deck): My Smokin Buddies: The stick: The prelight draw was great, nice and smooth. The interior tobacco was packed nice and firm with no gaps. The wrapper was ok, it had some...
  19. Habanos Discussion
    I happened to see a RASS the other day that had a band that was more like this: Then this: These are from here:,3391,64,00.html Maybe some of the fine gorillas can compare bands they have seen to these and discuss...
  20. Habanos Discussion
    These babies have just been added to the collection. Can't wait to try one. They're going to spend a few days in the Vino first. Does # 3 on the left look odd?
1-20 of 56 Results