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  1. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    Just upgraded and I don't need this anymore so i'm looking to trade it for a couple of smokes.. if anyone can use it shoot me a PM.
  2. General Discussion
    Just back from vacation to find this big box from Ram. Full of pack inside. Had fun to open each one to find Chocolate, fondue cup, coffee, coffee maker, cups, beer, and of course very good cigars. I let you see by yourself. I didn't had time to try the fondue cup or the coffee. And I don't...
  3. General Discussion
    all on, right now, at the same time as me?! I know my life sucks, but I'm sorry for my 3 good friends! :wink:
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    What a crazy day today. I think I crammed 4 days into this fine Tuesday........ OH......... it is Wednesday now for 7 minutes already,,,, So I come home and there is the bomb Ram pre-warned me about and that it will come in handy with the hurricane season underway...... BLIP! 3 fine...
  5. General Discussion
    I was bored, so I colored in your avatar. enjoy it or trash it. Whatever. I could do more if I had a copy with a bit more resolution. Especially with the text.
  6. General Discussion
    Well, well, well, it seems the little bugger asshole script kiddies have nothing better to do...but we're better than them. Cigar Review is now on a dedicated server, which means much, much better performance and lots of other cool toys for geeks like me. It also means that some little shits...
1-6 of 6 Results