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  1. Cigar Forums Texas Hold'em Poker
    So, some people may not want me to play anymore. I decided to throw it to the forum to decide if I should call it quits for a while.
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    A relative called him on Monday and told him he had a box of cigars for my dad in the mail to him. Told him they were fine cigars. Dad received the box today and stopped over my home to use the pool and showed them to me. Gave me a handful generously willing to share. I warned him. I said dad...
  3. General Discussion
    :whoohoo: A fitting end for a hypocritical A$$hole...
  4. Habanos Discussion
    The end of an era, to be sure. But what changes will we see in diplomatic relations and when?
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    With the possibility of Fidel Castro retiring. Do you think the embargo on Cuba will be lifted?
  6. Habanos Discussion
    Castro suggests he will not hold on to power. HAVANA (Reuters) - Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who has not been seen in public for 16 months, suggested on Monday he might give up his formal leadership posts, the first time he has spoken of his possible retirement. "My elemental duty is not...
  7. Sports Forum
    Bobby Petrino resigns as Atlanta Falcons coach after 13 games By PAUL NEWBERRY, AP Sports Writer December 11, 2007 ATLANTA (AP) -- Bobby Petrino resigned as Atlanta Falcons coach on Tuesday, the team said. He lasted only 13 games after moving from college to the NFL. Petrino left Louisville to...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    Its 12:00 am EST. Gotta work at 6:30, get up at 5:45. I'd love to relax with a cigar but I can't decide if its too late. I don't know why I haven't gone out earlier, but thats neither here no there. So what time do you BOTL's call it a night?
  9. Sports Forum
    The Tour de France was rocked by news that Astana's battered team leader, Alexandre Vinokourov, tested positive for a homologous blood transfusion after Saturday's time trial in Albi. L'Equipe reported on Tuesday afternoon that the Kazakh's blood had shown evidence of a transfusion from another...
1-9 of 9 Results