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  1. (WTB) Non-cigar Related Items
    I have sticks and trying to get back into console gaming. If you have a working PS3 or Xbox360 and would like to trade for cigars, please let me know. It would be nice, but not necessary, if you have one that has not been updated online. Low on cash, so trying to do a trade for cigars...
  2. Gamers Forum
    Good: Storyline is good right off the back. Most games I skip through the cut scenes but this one has me hooked already and provides essential information. Other than some minor glitches, cut scenes are pretty with graphics and the sound is powerful (PX21 Turtle Beach Headset). So far it...
  3. Gamers Forum
    Does anyone have the map pack yet? I had a problem with my password so I can't buy it yet...I hope to have it by tonight or tomorrow. How is it? Add me if you wish.... PSN ID: billyskins
  4. Gamers Forum
    Dead Space for PS3 - Dead Space Playstation 3 - Dead Space PS3 Game I'm glad I picked this game up. I bought about 6 games for Christmas and decided to get Dead Space since it received a 9.0 rating from gamespot and it was only $20.00. Its a sci-fi space shooter, survival/horror game. If your...
  5. Gamers Forum
    Has anyone had the change to play Hard Rain for PS3. I played the demo and it seemed really cool, but thought I would see if anyone has played the actual game.
  6. Tech Corner
    PS3 Slim 250GB - $249 on Target Clearance -YMMV - Forums I would suggest reading through this thread first. You don't want to call first because the employees will hoard them. Just was posted a while ago, there's a chance they already gone. I would not make a special trip, but...
  7. General Discussion
    Ive been looking for a blu ray player that i can stream netflix on. Cheapest ive found is about $160. Should i spend another $100 or so to get the PS3? Does the PS3 have the same picture quality as a 1080p blu ray player? I know whats gonna happen if i get a PS3.......NOTHING!!! absolutely...
  8. Gamers Forum
    Any Puffers got the Worms download? It's a blast! Worth every penny for fun factor.
  9. Gamers Forum
    How many people rent /buy stuff on the Playstation network? this thing seems addictive
  10. Gamers Forum
    Anyone try the "Wet" for PS3 yet?
  11. Gamers Forum
    Anybody heard any rumors about a new hitman coming out??? I've been waiting forever!
  12. Gamers Forum
    Anyone here into TW9? Any want to meet up for a game or two online?
  13. Gamers Forum
    I know this ones been around for a while now but I just got it and I am hooked. Anyone here still playing this one or has played it online? I haven't tried the oline yet was wondering what its like. :car:
  14. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    I was told you can download the new PS3 game demo UFC Undisputed 2009 from the Playstation store. I'm going to give it a try tonight. This is for anyone who is interested in the highly anitcipated game coming out next month. If you like it you should think about the tournaments I am trying to...
  15. Gamers Forum
    I'm trying to start up a series of tournaments for the new UFC coming out on 5/19/09. I figured who ever wants in could put up a couple of sticks to add to the pot and the winner will take it all. I don't have all the details being as the game is not out yet but I'm trying to see if enough...
  16. General Discussion
    Anyone waiting for this game? I have pre-order mine. I was thinking of running some kind of tournament on the Playstaion Network where we play for cigars. We could send in a few sticks to fill the pot and the winner takes all. Anyone interested please let me know and we can start getting this...
  17. Tech Corner
    Just got me a PS3 the other day. I bought Fight Night Round 3 being as I love me some boxing. It's a pretty awesome game. I had the first one on XBox(Old School Now). My thing is I am trying to find some more good games. I am in to the RPG games that allow you to level your character up from...
  18. Tech Corner
    If anyone plays Madden 09 for PS3 I need some help. I downloaded the new roster update a few weeks ago but Adam Pacman Jones is no where to be found. I have read other boards and they say he is on there after downloading this update. Is there another step I need to do?
  19. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    I bought a ps3 metal gear solid bundle a month or so ago but never opened the game. It is brand new, still sealed up. Game still retails for $60, but only looking for about a $45 comparable trade. Interested in trying out some Anejo, Hemmingway WOAM, Tat Black, or any other comparable top...
  20. Want to Buy (WTB)
    Shot in the dark! Anybody wanna sell/trade any playstation 3 games? I wanna get NHL 08 and Hot Shots Golf
1-20 of 47 Results