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  1. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    Hi guys, I have been gone a very long time. I need some cash to work with and am selling my copy of MRN. It is the 2nd printing with slight error corrections. The book is used but in like new condition. I am asking $90 shipped USPS with tracking. If you have a higher trader rating than I...
  2. General Discussion
    Just picked up an HP Photosmart printer. Hooked it up to my Airport Extreme wireless router. Now I can go down the street, literally, and print wireless from my MacBook. Man, that is awesome. That, coupled with Time Machine on Leopard for easy, auto back up of entire computer to an external...
  3. General Discussion
    So, in my first trade, I registered with usps to print shipping labels online, as there are many benefits to doing this. I printed that first label with no problem, but now, it won't print. I have tried from different computers, and it still doesn't work. It looks like it will print, I hit...
1-3 of 3 Results