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  1. Coffee Discussion
    I bought one of these a few months ago after reading numerous reviews on it. It does indeed brew some good coffee. Anyway, mid-brew this morning, all of a sudden it stops. Brewed a couple cups out of a pot, and the water just quit flowing. All of the heating elements appear to work fine, just no...
  2. Coffee Discussion
    So I went on a fishing trip for the past couple of days, and on Saturday the wind was too high to get on the water. So we decided to peddle around town and see what we could find. Low and behold, as I was walking down the isle in a Home of Economy of all places, there it was, the Presto...
  3. Non-Habanos Reviews
    This was my Monday night smoke. It came from the AVO XO Sampler Box. The Avo XO Presto a mild to medium bodied smoke from the Dom. Rep. A 5 x 31, Panatela shaped, Natural USA Conneticut Shade wrapper., with Sominican binder and Filler. Pre Light: Construction was flawless. There was no...
1-3 of 3 Results