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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    We always laugh at Nick (one of the owners of my B&M) because almost every cigar you give him becomes the new best cigar he's ever had (and usually he comes to this conclusion while he's still lighting it). So after I was pissed at him for taking all the Flying Pigs and Dirty Rats I decided I'd...
  2. Jokes Forum
    Hopefully no one takes offence here. All in good humor.
  3. Jokes Forum
    A friend sent this to me. She was racing at the same track as these guys and can verify that the guy did race the bike.
  4. Jokes Forum
    LINK Simply funny. :r :chk
  5. Jokes Forum
    This is the funniest prank I've ever seen...
  6. Jokes Forum
  7. Jokes Forum
    Hey Guys, I think you will get a good belly laugh with this, I was rolling on the floor, it's ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!! You might use this technique on the next telemarketer if he calls you while you're relaxing with your favorite vitola, during dinner or while you are romancing your wife...
  8. Jokes Forum
    Poor guy! :D
  9. Jokes Forum
  10. General Discussion I thought this was hilarious... She thinks they are lowering her social security checks..
1-11 of 11 Results