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  1. Coffee Discussion
    Ran out of bottled spring water. In desperation i grabbed two bottles of seltzer one cold one room temperature. I brewed the same way i always do the coffee is fantastic. Who would have thought i guess necessity really is the mother of invention! :rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon:
  2. Coffee Discussion
    Does anyone here use a Moka pot for brewing their coffee? What do you think of it? What size do you use, what grind,favorite coffee and generally what's your opinion of this brewing method? I have drip, pour over, and French press now and was thinking of trying Moka pot..
  3. Tobacco Legislation
    When will these liberals stop saving us?? I wish this was a joke but a town council in CA approved it. How long before some politician on the east coast supports this idea?? :tsk::tsk::tsk: Mixed reaction to tough Sebastopol smoking ban- Sonoma County, California -
  4. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    Saharov of Russia New Mint Pipe 360° Flame Grain Pot
  5. General Pipe Forum
    wwwDOTmr-billsDOTcom/product_infoDOTphp/products_id/75 you'll have to remove/replace the dots to see what I'm talking about(The 30 post rule before attachments are allowed should be re-examined IMHO) I'm guessing it's got to be meant for smoking pot. If it is meant for tobacco, has anyone...
  6. WTS/B/T Pipe Stuff
    Hello. Today has finished here such pipe (Pot W). Other photos at me on a site
  7. General Pipe Forum
    Hello. Today has finished pipe sandblast (Pot LB). Other photos at me on a site.
  8. Coffee Discussion
    I'm away for a week of management training and took along the fixins for fresh coffee with my french press. Hot water is hard to come by in the room though. I found the Rival Electric Hot Pot at Beds Bath and Beyond for under $12 tax include. Plastic, attached power cord, lightweight. Just...
  9. Cigar Bombs
    Norman (Novasurf) hit me up with a bag on his Negrito beans from his Unclebeanz line, and they smell Heavenly! Can't wait to fire some up, I haven't been this excited to grind anything since the last time Ashley Judd was in town! Norman also did his homework, and sent along my current fave...
  10. Coffee Discussion
    I have said "It is as easy as a pot on a stove" about roasting coffee but had never done it. Well I am hear to say it is that easy. 8oz of green beans a 12' skillet and top put on stove preheat. I put the beans in, put the top back and shook over the flame for 10 min. It carried into second...
  11. Coffee Discussion
    I've been lurking reading everything about Moka pots and I thought I would see what all the fuss was I bought one on ebay for .99 cents. (shipping was $10!) Well when it came in today I washed it with special attention paid to the gasket etc. I then took the advice to afix the two...
  12. Coffee Discussion
    Howdy all I am new to your coffee forums here but have been around the Cigar and Pipe forums for some time. Well after reading all your posts on the wonderful Moka Pot I went ahead and sprung for one. I havent had an espresso machine in a few years do to the fact that I got tired of replacing...
  13. Coffee Discussion
    The moka pot slow pass has been a fun opportunity for me to learn more about another extraction method. The Brikka is really fun to use once you get the hang of it. Here are some pictures from my brewing session last night. The contenders--Starbucks Barista espresso machine (with...
  14. Coffee Discussion
    I have a $20 GC to Crate and Barrel, going to get teh 6 cup (12oz) moka today. I am wondering what the amount of beans required is to fill it. I currently use just over 1/3 for my 32oz Press, which gives me my morning cup and afternoon cup at work. I am curious to know the ratio so I can...
  15. General Discussion
    A disclaimer. I haven't touched weed in about 8-9 years (I'm 30 now) but if it was as easy as buying a cigar and your job didn't test would you smoke it ? I'm taking a trip to Amsterdam later this year and am amazed at the different strains and regions they carry. It's almost like cigars from...
  16. Coffee Discussion
    I'm starting a Brikka Test Drive PASS. The purpose is to put a Bialetti Brikka in your hands to play with for two weekends. I figured two weekends as a weekend is usually the only time we have to play. As there is a lot of cross-over's to other slopes, I'm adding a bead stick, cigars and...
  17. General Discussion
    SoCal guys, you won't have to beg Larry for the good stuff anymore! :r Pot Vending Machines Take Root in LA By DAISY NGUYEN,AP Posted: 2008-01-30 07:18:58 Filed Under: Health News...
  18. Coffee Discussion
    My coffee pot, that is :D The tap water is really hard and there is a mineral coating on the heating element. The opening is too narrow for my hand to efficiently scrub the bottom, so I need to find another way. Your thoughts?
  19. Cigar Bombs
    I got a great gift card from g8trbone to the Melting Pot. My wife has been wanting to go for some time now to this restaurant and I simply can not thank you enough. Merry Xmas! :biggrin:
  20. Coffee Discussion
    I tried the search and got a lot of "moka pot" hanging out in threads but got no closer to my answer. So I am going to be lazy and ask! Waiting for my roaster set up and want to know what roast works best with the moka pot. Any of the roasts I have been gifted do not work well, most of the...
1-20 of 38 Results