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  1. Coffee Discussion
    A few weeks ago I posted about and their free coffee deal. They would send out enough unroasted beans for one batch with roasting instructions for free. The beans never came. I contacted them again and still no beans... No matter. I was at a yard sale today and picked up a...
  2. Coffee Discussion
    I still have a lot of cupping to do, but I though I would post first impressions on the Fresh Roast plus 8 after a couple of batches. The $8 Toastmaster Popper gets the job done. For $8 and someone looking to get started, I think it is a great deal. But the downsides are are it is messy. The...
  3. Coffee Discussion
    The last word from the Prince of Coffee in Canada. Das letzte Wort vom Prinzen des Kaffees in Kanada. Le dernier mot du Prince de Café dans Canada. This is serious business. After all our carrying on about how great the coffee is (fresh) and how cheap/easy it is to roast at home... an almost...
  4. General Discussion
    I seem to be in a nostalgic phase recently and have stumbled upon these websites: I used to have fun getting into trouble at school with this stuff...mostly GenX'ers will...
  5. Coffee Discussion
    Once used for roasting coffee, can it be used to pop popcorn without adding something Special to the flavor of popcorn? Dmntd
  6. Coffee Discussion
    I have been unable to find the info on this. Maybe someone can help... I have one of those 70s throw back Hot Air Popcorn Poppers from West Bend or Presto, can't remember which, in my garage. Brand new, never used, and I want to make a coffee roaster out of it. I have no clue where to start...
1-6 of 6 Results