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  1. Commercial Roast Reviews
    I've read some of the coffee threads regarding the pod brewers, especially the Senseo. I had never heard of this system until I started working at my new job last year. Since I'm only one of three coffee drinkers in the office, there is no community pot everyday, and coffee is brewed only when...
  2. Coffee Discussion
    We ran out of coffee pods for my B&D coffee pod maker recently and we picked up some Senseo Pods at the Safeway. I like them alot. I have to put two pods in the pod maker to make a cup that is strong enough for my taste but it comes out great.
  3. Coffee Discussion
    Good Evening! I see that Home Roasting is quite popular, but unfortunately I don't have the time or equipment for that... So I use my B&D Pod Machine. Any other Podies out there? What's your favorite? I've had the best luck with the Van Houtte Pods (better known for their K-Cups). The...
1-3 of 3 Results