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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    Whatever happened to that Guy?:chk
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    Well they say you can't knock it until you try it so Pnoon took one for the team and fired up a Nub at Saturday's HERF. His face should leave no question about what he thought of the cigar that eveyone is talking about. So much for working through the first 2 thirds to get to the "sweet spot"
  3. Cigar Bombs
    Guys I don't even know how to began to thank you both for such generousity. I posted I was looking to buy a few cheap smokes to tied me over due to a rough month with couple of cars accidents and having to pay some deductible. Gone 15 years since last car accident than I have two in my house in...
  4. Cigar Contests
    OK, so Pnoon is comming to CT for a HERF and it look like there will be a few other BOTL's attending as well. This contest unfortunately will not be a photochop contest however if you want to post a photochop of a BOTL with your response then feel free. The contest is simple, you just have to...
  5. Everywhere Else
    OK, so I have just been informaed that Pnoon is comming back to CT for a week in April and thought it would be a good idea to hold a HERF. I will be looking to hold this at my place and it will be the weekend of April 26 - 27. I will lock it in to Saturday or Sunday once Peter has his scedule...
  6. General Discussion
    you've been elf'ed !! Merry Christmas Everyone :)
  7. Cigar Bombs This was from the name that clubstogie member contest. Please boost his RG what a guy real funny saying he didn't have an arsenal like Brent (comicbookfreak). Peter Blew me Away he sent me quite the selection. 98 Monte Especial...
  8. General Discussion
    :r:r:r Just kidding Peter. Congrats on your RG. I wish I could give you more.:chk:chk:po
  9. Cigar Bombs
    Definitely didn't expect this... and I don't think I deserve such harch treatment either! and to top it off, when trying for some quick payback, I hardly made a dent with my piddly RG allotment! :mad: Oh well, thanks for the smokes... I am not worthy of such generosity (not that i'm...
  10. General Discussion
    Congrats on the milestone, Peter. You're a great BOTL, a superb mod, and I'm truly happy to call you friend. Congrats on your recent accomplishments and many wishes to a pleasant and prosperous future!!! PS, your hair won't grow back ... regardless of what the Rogaine bottle says. ;)
  11. Cigar Contests
    Peter posted his List of wishes in the NC MAW thread :r I have changed five cigars on his list. Find the five that i changed and win a 5 pack of those smokes from me. The change may be very subtle so keep your eyes peeled:ss Bonus: Find the Sixth one that I changed and get a smoke that is not...
  12. General Discussion
    ....and lives to tell about it!!:r Congrats on the RG Peter! It is much too low for all you do, and every bit of it well deserved!
  13. General Discussion
    Ok...he has 3000 RG! The hair may be gone, but the heart is as big as a lion's, the loyalty as faithful as a blue tick hound dog's, and the kindness of a nun....Hey, Peter, I'd like to see you in a habit! In all seriousness, few of us are as dedicated to the Jungle and its well being than...
  14. General Discussion
    I want to give Peter aka. Pnoon an official apologizes for not contacting him regarding my debt to him. I owe this fine member $51 and have postponed the payment for too long. I won´t go into details, but I would like to ask anyone that lives close to him and have an paypal account to please...
  15. Sports Forum
    Liverpool win 1-1 on aggregate, 4-1 on penalties... The Chelsea dream is over, bring on the ritual stuffing of Man U in Athens.
  16. General Discussion
    Congrats to Peter for breaking the 2400 RG Milestone! Peter, I hope to herf with you soon, but I do know at least one thing about you never having met you face to face. You care about this place, and the people in it, with all your heart, and I believe you would do anything to help the Jungle...
  17. General Discussion
    Peter being an all-around great gorilla has just broken the 1700 barrier. Congrats Peter. scottie
  18. General Discussion
    :D Peter, our own "tell it like it is" Mod, funny photoshoppin' Magilla (and often the target himself!), generous and friendly BOTL, passed the 1200 RG mark this AM. Peter, you do great things for this community, protecting it yet also filling it with laughter and warmth. I am glad you're here...
  19. Cigar Bombs
    + = Thanks pnoon. That's generous as can be. I'm going to love these babies.
  20. General Discussion
    Peter hits 4000 posts not years old! Congratulation u post whoring MFer! Much love man!
1-20 of 32 Results