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  1. Gamers Forum
    PlayStation Network hacked, data on millions at risk - SC Magazine US Just an FYI.
  2. Gamers Forum
    Tring to play COD today and cant get online htytp://
  3. Gamers Forum
    Anybody heard any rumors about a new hitman coming out??? I've been waiting forever!
  4. Gamers Forum
    Hey guys, Anyone else on Playstation Network? For those of you who don't know, Playstation 3 comes with the Playstation Network free! Play any game for PS3 that offers an online gaming mode over the internet with other gamers, for FREE! Playstation 3 has now even surpassed the Xbox 360 in...
  5. Gamers Forum
    I'd like to get a new list of everyone who is on the PS3 network started. This way we can add each other to our friends list. I will go first with a few that posted in the other thread. ViperVinceX - Sweet_Cigars LookAtBigErn82 - LookAtBigErn82 adidas49 - andrew s azhusker71 - azpostal
  6. General Discussion
    I recently join the PS3 addiction. I am looking for anyone who is on the Playstation Network that wants to buddy up. Just post your name so everyone can add them to their friends list. I start off with mine which I was excited about being as its always been my gaming name and it was available...
  7. Want to Buy (WTB)
    Does anybody have a used psp 2000 they'd want to unload for cheap? or know where to find one cheap? I look on ebay, but it costs more to buy one used than to go over to Futureshop and buy the new psp 3000 straight up.
  8. Sports Forum
    Have any of you played MLB 07 The Show for PlayStation 3? I just played the game the other day and it was a lot of fun. There are even real time rosters so you can play with the exact lineup each MLB team is actually playing with that day.
  9. Entertainment
    anyone own one or both, or play on both? which one is better and why? i've only seen two games played before my eyes on the PS3, but i've seen a handful of other games played in front of me on the Xbox 360. right now i'm leaning toward the Xbox for me and my son. we currently have a PS2...
  10. General Discussion
    I'll Start... Partagas
  11. Entertainment
    Any recommendations for games? I like the "Medal of Honor" series and Tom Clancy's "Ghost Recon". I just bought "The Getaway" good concept, good graphics nearly impossible to play. The designers did not allow the player to aim and walk at the same time. I took it back for a refund.
1-11 of 13 Results