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  1. (WTS) Non-cigar Related Items
    Only thing this system is missing is the box it originally came in. Full working order, sounds great. 5 disc dvd changer/player! I only used it for about 2 months. I upgraded when I got my new TV last year. I'm cleaning out the garage here we go!!! $150 + shipping OBO Google shopping...
  2. Jokes Forum
    Two couples were playing poker one evening. Jim accidentally dropped some cards on the floor. When he bent down under the table to pick them up, he noticed Bob's wife, Sue wasn't wearing any underwear under her dress! Shocked by this, Jim upon trying to sit back up again, hit his head on...
  3. Cigar Forums Texas Hold'em Poker
    I am having withdraws, any takers. Bragging rights only
  4. Sports Forum,123304 You can't beat that for sportsmanship and honor. I hope he gets sponsor exemptions for all the years tournaments. Surely Titleist will take care of him.
  5. General Discussion
    A question for the CS Audiophiles. I have a 140GB of MP3's and other audio files on an external hard drive and was looking for some way to tie this into the home theatre system or the PA system in the basement. I have a 4GB MP3 player, but was looking for more storage capacity. While doing...
  6. General Discussion
    Ok you electronic wizards, my daughter has a question. She would like to play some different region dvd's ie European which is region 2? and here in Canada we are region 1. Is there a player or convertor available for such, and if so what brand and not too $$$$ She read that it is PAL format...
  7. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    I've got a Sony DVD/VHS player that I'm not using. The only thing with it is the DVD player sometimes will blank out for 5 sec during a movie. I'm not sure why it started doing this, but it only does it with certain DVD's. The lazer lens might need to be cleaned. The VHS player works perfectly...
  8. General Discussion
    Well, I had bad luck with my MP3 player the other day. Somehow, the switch that turns it on and off broke (physically). Now I can't turn it on or off. It was a little Chinese MP3 player that played videos and let me read .txt files on the screen. Now I'm trying to find a new one similar to...
  9. General Discussion
    Hey guys I need some help with the mp3 player. I got it as a gift and my windows XP will not load a driver for it. its a 1G music mystic mp3 player and the driver disk that came with it is blank. I tried to contact target where it was purchased and they will not exchange it because I don't have...
  10. Jokes Forum
    Redwings New Iraqi Hockey Player The Detroit Red Wings foreign scout flies to Baghdad to watch a young Iraqi play hockey in the new American sponsored league, and is suitably impressed and arranges for him to come over to the US . Ken Holland signs him to a one year contract and the kid joins...
  11. General Discussion
    Having great success with this player. I haven't had any codec issues that I've had with Windows Media Player, especially when playing certain DVDs and video data files. Really great for the price. FREE! :tu
  12. Sports Forum
    Has anyone noticed that today? Have the announcers said anything about it and why everyone is wearing them?
  13. Sports Forum
    what do you think Player goes to grandmothers funeral
  14. General Discussion
    if you got one, you can still get the 5 free hd dvds :tu heres how
  15. General Discussion
    usually sells for $199, a year ago my friend bought the same one for $500 . Im gonna get one thought I would pass it on. one day only...
  16. General Discussion
    Anton sent me a very cool MP3 player.... How do I put my music on them? Do I have to put a specail program on my computer? I need: - Easy to understand instructions... - Easy to do..... Any help? or am I screewed..... :dunno: It is VERY cool looking and small.... looking...
  17. General Discussion
  18. General Discussion
    HELP YOU COMPUTER GUYS!!!! Apparently Windows Media doesn't play dvd's anymore w/o the codex. Is there any free-ware program out there you would recommend for this? Nothing but watching DVD's, no editing or anything like that. Thanks fellers.
  19. General Discussion
    Anyone into digital music or have digital music players? What kind do you have? I got into it back when it was fairly young. My first digital music player was an old RCA Lyra that used a 64 mb compact flash card. I later gave that to my son Ben. He's since bought a new Lyra with a built in...
  20. Sports Forum
    Don't know if anyone has seen this or not, but this is pretty
1-20 of 29 Results