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  1. Sports Forum
    More terrible news for the world of hockey today as the plane carrying the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl team of the KHL crashes in Russia killing most of the team. R.I.P. What a devastating summer for hockey family, friends, and fans.
  2. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Okay, so I'm leaving tomorrow on a week long trip. I'm just taking a carry on bag. I'm assuming trying to carry butane with me onto the plane would be a big no-no, eh?
  3. Cigar Bombs
    Grinding noises, screeching steel, huffing & puffing and a lot of hot air. Yep you guessed it, a really scary loco visited me this morning. I'd been warned that they planed to re-align the rail tracks near us but didnt realise they were coming down my street. Needless to say he looks nowhere...
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    Well I am heading to Fort Myers beach for the next week and couldn't not bring some sticks with me. Here is all I am taking, can't wait to enjoy one of these babies on the boat! Does anyone know the real rule on taking a cutter on a plane, I have found a lot of conflicting information.
  5. General Discussion
    Maybe Transformers aren't too far away! This thing is awesome!
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    Hi Folks, I'm headed to Denver for a conference next week. I wanted to bring some sticks with me, but I've read that US Customs might seize them if they don't explicitly say non-Cuban somewhere on the cigar. So my next best option would be to buy at a B&M. Anyone know where I can go in Denver...
  7. General Discussion
    Hope no one we know was on the flight or if they were that everything is okay. Looks like no injuries, but gotta have been very scary. Sounds like the pilots did a great job reacting to the emergency and getting...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with trying to bring a xikar cutter on an airplane? I am going to Arizona next month for some baseball spring training with family, and we always smoke after games. I was hoping to bring my new cutter and some cigars to share with everyone. Anyway...
  9. General Discussion
    Where is that Kiwi when I need her? :r I have a friend who is wanting to go. The cheapest he can find a ticket for is $3K. Anyone have any other sources? Thanks!
  10. General Discussion
    We just finished Carrier Quals: Can anyone dispute?
  11. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Heading to Sin City tomorrow. Anyone know FOR SURE if it is ok to pack a empty torch lighter in checked bagadge?? Wie will be there for 5 days and would sure like to bring the heat.
  12. Jokes Forum
    The following is supposedly a true story relating to an actual event that took place during a flight. As a Delta Air Lines jet was flying over Arizona on a clear day, the co-pilot was providing his passengers with a running commentary about landmarks over the PA system. "Coming up on the...
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    Hi Everyone, Happy Tuesday!! I had a quick question for the group. I'm flying out tomorrow and I know that I'm not allowed to carry on my butane lighter. Will it be alright if I pack it in my luggage? I know that they always say to not pack anything flammable in there and then there's also...
  14. General Discussion
    Found this vid of a R/C B-29 with X-1 Rocket Airplane. Awesome show the guy puts on.
  15. General Discussion
    Can't wait to go home...I'm more than pumped. I haven't been home since Christmas break and my new gf will be flying down with me as well. My Herfador didn't make it here on time but it should be waiting at home for me. I'll be packing up some Lock&Lock tupperwares to get some goods home with...
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    Ok, so the woman is finally forcing me to go with on a trip we need to take for our business. I've been able to dodge the bullet for years with the, "how are we supposed to make any money if we have to close the store becuase we both go" excuse. But its not flying this time. She always goes...
  17. General Discussion
    A man has been arrested at Hong Kong airport for trying to smuggle a crocodile, six snakes, 11 flying squirrels and 46 turtles and tortoises in his luggage. &
  18. General Discussion
    We now need to worry about Scorpions :D
  19. Jokes Forum
    the pilots wander for days looking for food and water. Finally one pilot gets frustrated and says "that's it I am going to chop off my dick and eat it." The other pilot asks him to think of his girlfriend first. "WHy at this rate I will never see her again anyway!" "I know, but if you think...
  20. General Discussion you just can not make this stuff up. Stacey
1-20 of 37 Results