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  1. Sports Forum
    Game 2 of the World Series and it appears that the Rangers bullpen has had a problem with strikes. They should be hiring in the next few weeks if anyone needs a job! :thumb:
  2. Sports Forum
    Chapman throws fastest pitch ever recorded - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
  3. Sports Forum
    This is Crazy! YouTube - New York Yankees v.s. Cleveland Indians A-Rod hits David Huff 5-29-10
  4. Coffee Discussion
    My Anita should arrive next week. Gathering the barista start kid if you will. Wondering what size pitcher I'll need. Typical morning will consist of a latte for the wife and a Machiatto for me.
  5. General Discussion okay so not really...but still pretty cool
  6. Sports Forum
    Game postponed against the Cubs today because of car accident taking the life of Cardinal pitcher Josh Hancock. LINK
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    Had a customer tell me about a new cigar company his friend is starting, who is the son of Red Sox pitcher Luis Tiant. I guess there has been a Tiant line of cigars in the past (probably during the boom) but this time they are going to be made by Bucanero. He said they should be out in around...
1-7 of 7 Results