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  1. Cigar Bombs
    So Phase III was going to be those round mailing tubes [ pipe bombs! ]but they were more expensive at local stores than the postage itself & I didn't feel like ordering 100 online so instead: Just 2 boxes going out today - one North; one West (happy landings) :boom:
  2. Cigar Bombs
    OK Gents - Phase II of my experiment is underway. 5 Packages in the mail. This time I didn't give any pre warning to the recipients so we'll just have to see where they land. No DC's - just would like to get feedback on how they travelled and arrived condition wise. :yo:
  3. Tech Corner
    Okay, Laddybucks, it's official: I've lost my mind. Yesterday, after returning from Boston late Saturday night, I decided to fix the laptop which had been infected with the ultra annoying "Vista 2011" virus. Having worked in computers my whole career (as a programmer, not a manager), I know...
  4. Cigar Bombs
    I actually had this planned for phase III, but couldn't wait any longer since it seemed like a lot of fun :D This one is not going to Tobii himself, but someone very dear to him. I hope she will like it and put it to good use, it should give her an advantage in school and allow her to chat...
  5. General Discussion
    Although my tenure at CS has been very short, my participation has already gone through several transitions. My first phase was the selfish phase (how can I set up a trade where I can get more smokes than I send out, how can I get someone to send me a Cuban, how can I fish for some good...
  6. Cigar Pictures
    Well after building two phase the Tower of Sumatra last week I decided to follow up with two more mini towers to add to humi-city. They really add to the scenery around here!
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    The wind and temperature in northeastern Maryland has really sucked lately. No place to smoke in any kind of shelter. Don't feel like trying to smoke anything only to chuck it halfway through. Back to the winter stock up mode. :hn:hn
  8. Cigar Bombs
    This is the final warning to all innocent to take cover. Targets have been acquired. Forces are on stand by. One by land ...
  9. Cigar Bombs
    Just a warning that there will be a minor explosion happening somewhere in the southern United States. There will be further aggressive action throughout the summer so consider yourselves warned.
  10. General Pipe Forum
    Somebody needs to watch out for falling objects and flying projectiles!!!:D 03050830000049947071 03050830000049947040
1-10 of 10 Results