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  1. Sports Forum
    Not really, :r But would anyone be surprised:D
  2. Sports Forum ESPN (HYPE) reported that he signed with the Cowboys earlier today. :r
  3. Sports Forum
    Goodell: Pats have taped since 2000 Belichick told NFL commish he thought it was OK to do Posted: Wednesday February 13, 2008 6:37PM; Updated: Wednesday February 13, 2008 11:42PM NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he does not regret destroying the Patriots tapes. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Bill...
  4. Sports Forum
    And we all thought BELLICHECK was the only genius...........
  5. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    The last time the Pats won the Super Bowl in 2005, I placed a Pats sticker on a magnum of Holiday beer from Anchor. I vowed not to open this beer until the Pats go the Super Bowl again. Last night, I shared it with a couple of friends. Best beer I have ever tasted. I have not had an aged...
  6. Sports Forum
    9 minutes left, can the jags come back? 28 - 20 ... can they do it?
  7. Cigar Bombs
    The Colts don't give up easily. As one of the more obnoxious Pats fans, I was attacked by IllinoisHoosier with a massive bomb that destroyed my kitchen table and scared the hell out of my cat. Sean sent seven wonderful smokes, this is when I regret not buying a new digital camera but the smokes...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    I'm really looking forward to today's game Colt's against the Pat's. Since I only smoke on the weekends, I've been thinking about what cigar I want to smoke while watching. Think I'm gonna go with an Oliva Serie "V" that I just got sent to me this week. Anyone else no what they plan to smoke...
  9. Sports Forum
    In honor of this weekends historic game... anyone want wager a 5ver ? We'll wager upon the current line. I believe it is currently at 3 1/2? I will be betting with the Pats... I'll take up to 5 different wagers. No rockets... any takers?
  10. Sports Forum
    1. Tom sprains his wrist 2. Tom sprains his ankle 3. Tom pulls his back 4. Tom's head falls off. 5. Tom admits he's gay, loses endorsements, and subsequently kills himself 6. Tom is traded to a CFL team for all of Quebec 7. Tom is abducted by Aliens, and converted into a host for the first...
  11. Sports Forum
    For the first time this season, the Patriots will face a real defense next Sunday? Being a realist I am not expecting the Skins to beat the Patriots. The patriots are just a very solid team this season but I do not expect the Patriots to rack up as many points next Sunday. I am predicting a...
  12. General Discussion
    thats right Dave is now in the realm of the 6100 Club...........couldn't have a better BOTL to call my friend...............enjoyed HERF'n w/you again.....just like ole time hopefully not so much time in between
  13. Cigar Contests
    My first contest...a squares pool for tonights Pats vs Colts game. No skill to win...just makes watching the game more fun RULES 1st hundred BOTL who post will get 1 square in the grid (1 square per BOTL) I will enter the names on the grid, you can't pick a specific square Grid will close at...
  14. General Discussion
    For all my New England homies! Lets GO PATS! He, he! CD
  15. Sports Forum
    Just tuned in and it looks like the Chiefs are working good today!!! GO CHIEFS!!!
  16. Cigar PIF's & MAW's
    A number of people have sent their gifts out already. If you should get your "gift" early please don't open till Thursday PM.....say around 5 PM. Once you have opened it please post on this thread the results with pics if you want. I'm sure no one will open early.....right :w
  17. General Discussion
    pretty good game up to the end. smoked another CMV natural naked just now good stuff. great night
  18. General Discussion
    Wow, a lot of new faces in here. Been away for a while. I just wanted to encourage anyone without a team with a prayer to cheer for the New England Patriots this Sunday (1/6). As most of you know if the Pats win against Carolina they win the AFC East! Also, anyone who wants to cheer for the Jets...
1-19 of 19 Results