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  1. Cigar Contests
    Ok, thanks this thread I have decided to test my luck... during the whole NFL season. Starting today I will take between 1 or 2 bets for each Patriots game. I would like the wager to be between 3 and 5 sticks with the quality of those sticks to be determined through PM. I will entertain...
  2. Sports Forum
    Now things start to get interesting in N.E. Kind of disappointed, was looking forward to another Colts-Patsies great matchup this year.
  3. Sports Forum
    "Instant Karma gonna get ya...slap you right in the face!!!";_ylt=Ag.TPsb0UFBh3ArClnNoy3tDubYF?slug=ap-patriotssued&prov=ap&type=lgns Word on da skreet is Billy boy, been tapin' since 2000. Rome is starting to burn.:hn
  4. Jokes Forum
    Sorry NE fans. Being a Giants fan, I thought it was funny.
  5. Sports Forum
    Ah so it seems the Jets and Eric Mangenital were caught taping from the sidelines at last years Pats/Jets game and New England handled it with class by getting the offender removed and keeping it between themselves. Unlike the whiny Belichick wannabe who had to go to mommy and squeal.
  6. Sports Forum
    Just some clips of some Pats fans , just wanted to share with my fellow sports fans:)
  7. Sports Forum
    Thought that might get your attention J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets are almost 4 touchdown underdogs. I'm real curious to see how this game is handled if the Pats are up big early. I'd like the Pats to take a knee for every offensive play of the 4th quarter if they're up big. Go...
  8. Sports Forum
    This has gone on long enough!!!! The Eagles almost had them, The Ravens had them beat!!!! Come on STEELERS!!!! BRING IT!!!!!!:mn BEAT THESE GUYS PLEASE!!!!!
  9. Sports Forum
    Inquiring Colts fans want to know: Vinateri missed a field goal against the Pats two weeks ago, then two field goals against the Chargers last week, costing the Colts the game........this week he misses his first two, giving him 4 misses in a row and nearly costs them the game against the...
  10. Sports Forum
    Can they be any better ?? I was at the game and I have to say..........pure electric. Lets hear it VIC.......:chk
  11. Sports Forum
    I figured that I would get this going.... First things first. I will give credit where credit is due. The Patriots are the team to beat. They have a great team in all aspects, Qb, coach, O-line, recieving core, ect. I know this is not news to anyone, but I said it and put it out there. This...
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    Not many people think that smoking the right cigar while watching a great game can influence the outcome,,,,,watching the Colts/Patriots yesterday was a great way to spend the afternoon and I picked just the right cigars to help with the outcome. The first half of the game I smoked an Onyx...
  13. Sports Forum
    If there is already a poll on this I apologize but I searched and did not find one. Probably one of the most hyped up games of the year. Moss vs. Wayne; Peyton vs. Tom... I would like to see the Colts pull it out but I think that the Pats have too much explosiveness. Both defenses are good...
  14. Sports Forum
    Alright, The Pats finally have to play a team that isn't on the skids. How does the peanut gallery see this game going? I see the Pats taking it by +7 ATL
  15. General Cigar Discussion
    I posted these letters in "everything but cigars" but I think some of CS's greatest patriots didn't see them... this is from the Tiki Hut(Camp Phoenix) Thank you for the two shipments of cigars. We were just about "Black" on cigars. They came at a very fortuitous time as several...
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    Thank you B and SOTLs,we can't do this without you :u Papajohn67 put out a call for stogies,his is on the left... Mr.Maduro is just starting so he needed some stock,on the right... BTW I still have a full cooler plus ready to go due to the recent lottery's and auctions :D
  17. Sports Forum
    Wow. Watch the video clip, Mark Schlerth seems genuinely disgusted with the Patriots and the whole incident. Honestly, it doesn't surprise me. Here close to Boston I get a lot of info about what kind of person Belichick really is. Running...
  18. Sports Forum
    This article is from NFL security confiscated a video camera and its tape from a New England Patriots employee on the team's sideline during Sunday's game against the Jets in a suspected spying incident, sources said. The camera and its tape were placed in a sealed box and forwarded...
  19. Sports Forum
    Just heard it on ESPN. It's a done deal pending the physical this morning in NE. Good for them if your a Pats fan, they're already talkin' about Superbowl favorites. :bx :tg Pats gave up they're 4 round pick, for him.
  20. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    All, I have been on the board for a few weeks now and I can tell that it is a great place to hang out and talk about one of my favorite topics, cigars. I am origianlly from New England and hence a huge Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox and Bruins fan. I enjoy many different cigars and have an open...
1-20 of 25 Results