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  1. Television and Movies
    Couldn't believe it when I read it, but it's true. Leslie Nielsen Dead: Comedian Remembered For 'Airplane' And 'Naked Gun'
  2. Habanos Discussion
    I just read that Alejandro Robaina passed away Saturday at the age of 91. A real gentleman and a true legend. I just saw that this was already posted in another forum, but we can all smoke one of his cigars in his memory.
  3. General Pipe Forum
    This happened a few weeks back in the City right next door to mine. The first article shows what Council approved. The second article discusses what Council is re-reviewing since they did not properly approach the 1st ruling. Some local tobacconists and pipe retailers and general people who are...
  4. Tobacco Legislation
    Mod- I realized after posting that this probably doesn't go in this forum. Can you please change it to the tobacco legislation area. Thank you. It looks like the Senate passed through the bill. Lets hope that the House doesn't pass it through as well. I'd hate to see what it does to pipe...
  5. Tobacco Legislation
    But only mentions the 62 cents per pack federal tax increase on Cigarettes? Democrats show their strength as House passes kids' health bill -
  6. General Discussion
    Adding quality content, one post at a time. :ss ************************************************** SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- As if getting a DUI wasn’t enough, a man arrested for driving under the influence got in a lot more trouble at the police station. Police stopped Jose Cruz on...
  7. Cigar Passes
    Hey all, First off, i'd like to start off by apologizing about the two passes i started and how they both died almost instantly once they were done. I still have EVERYTHING from ties to cigars from BOTH passes. I was thinking maybe just combine both passes into one pass since not a whole lot...
  8. Sports Forum
    It's a sad day in Bulldawg land today. He was a good dog! <snif>
  9. General Cigar Discussion
    OK, so last night I'm smoking a Taboo Special Forces. (Love this cigar). I'm about 1/3 into it and the wife calls me into the house to do something. Well this something turns into a all night event :r and I completely forget about my cigar. I wake up this morning and go outside for my morning...
  10. Cigar Forums Banter
    Ron Stone (1936-2008) was the news anchor at KPRC-TV in Houston for 20 years from 1972 to 1992. He was called "the most popular and revered news anchor the city has ever known" by the Houston Chronicle Stone wrote three books about Texas history, A Book of Texas Days, Disaster at Texas City...
  11. Tobacco Legislation
    State Senate approves public smoking ban BY CHRIS CHRISTOFF • FREE PRESS LANSING BUREAU • May 8, 2008 LANSING -- The state Senate voted today to ban smoking in public places including restaurants and bars, sending the issue back to the House, which has passed a similar bill. The Senate vote...
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    Ok...I'm curious to see who was planning on going to Cigarfest this year, but couldn't get tickets in time. I am thinking of maybe offering 2 people an opportunity to work in the NUb booth this year with me and the gang. I will probably create some contest over at for this if there...
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    I just wanted to sound off and say what a great time it is to do Bombs, Contests and Passes. Just think somebody took the time to put a bomb together or a contest, etc etc. They were kind enough to put the items together and ship them out. It does not matter what cigars you send or receive...
  14. General Pipe Forum
    just read that pipe maker Bjarne Nielson died today, figured i'd pass it along RIP Bjarne
  15. Sports Forum
    Sympathies go out to Steelers fans and the Cope family on the passing of long term broadcaster Myron Cope. I have no details at this time, just read a quick notice on a Pats board.
  16. General Discussion
    Congrats on your first hundred RG Yazzie!! Must be something in that Texas water :tu
  17. Sports Forum,0,6532262.story
  18. Tobacco Legislation
    Just FYI all.;_ylt=AhOwVmYBCfcEToQv6DAGV42s0NUE
1-19 of 59 Results