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  1. Habanos Reviews
    I don't see a lot of reviews on the more budget friendly cigars recently so I thought I would give a quick review on the Rafael Gonzales pantela extra. Size: 5 x 37 Construction: typical of a tripa corta, with less than attractive wrapper Draw: consistantly decent, ranging from slightly tight...
  2. Habanos Discussion
    well i got my box of rafael gonzales pantela extras in...does anyone know if there planning to get rid of this line/ or brand. i heard rumors,thanks.
  3. Habanos Reviews
    Preamble Is Navydoc the devil? Or merely a spawn from hell? What kind of sick bastard sends a 1983 cigar to an obviously weak and obsessive compulsive like me? I guess the answer is a really really nice one. Thank you and #$%# you all in the same breath. First ISOM's now aged ISOM's. You...
  4. Habanos Discussion
    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Oct-12-01 AT 05:44 PM (CDT)]I was browsing around some of the cuban cigar links and found these for 25.50 a box??? Just wondering what you guys knew about them, hell for that kind of money, even for a mixed filler cuban i would be willing to scrap up enough money to...
1-4 of 4 Results