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  1. Sports Forum
    I kind of figured this would happen since he lied to the NCAA and actually had it on paper. So I guess its one season and then Urban Meyer is the new coach??
  2. General Discussion
    Well, i woke up this morning to get read yand go down to tailgate for hte OSU - Michigan game. My boss and a couple of the iother Managers in the district were holding this shebang. The great thing about the company that i work for is that everyone is really young and fun to hang out with. So...
  3. Sports Forum
    I will bet a 5er with 1-2 people & this will be a straight up bet where I will take OSU. Hopefully it will be an entertaining game.
  4. Sports Forum
    This is the national title game of the regular season... I expect it to be a very good battle. Id say OSU would be an easy pick if playing at home but I still say OSU edges USC 24-17 due to the return of Beanie Wells and Donald Washington. OSU's defense is superior
  5. Cigar Passes
    It is time!!!! :chk:chk Round two in the Ohio State vs. Michigan Box Pass. I want to run it with 16 players this time. 8 Buckeyes and 8 Wolverines. Please post your side when you post. This is how it will work: 1) We will take 8 fans of both schools. 2) In order to qualify, you must have at...
  6. Sports Forum
    Well im sure some of you have heard the news that Terrell Pryor will be going to OSU over slew of many other colleges such as Penn St., Oregon, and the U of M. I have been following it somewhat since I played football in the WPIAL. Anywho hopefully he lives up to his potential, and to bad...
  7. Sports Forum
    GOOOOO Buckeyes :D I'll be grubbin' :popcorn: , drinkin' :drinking: , and smokin' :smoke: an RP Edge rooting for the Bucks to spank the kitties :spank: . Anybody got any good plans? Bold predictions? I think it's a close game with special teams playing a big role. OSU 38 - LSU 31 :dude...
  8. Sports Forum
    Wow... Just plain WOW!!! There's a lot of passion there. Just wanted to make sure you didnt' miss it
  9. Sports Forum
    Anyone here think that this will be a game? I'm OSU all the way but think that their schedule might be a little light this year. We'll see...
  10. Sports Forum
    Man..what a dog fight..this is a good game!!!!
  11. Habanos Reviews
    Perfectly rolled and presented cigars in a varnished box. LGC’s are one of the few brands that are exclusively hand made and “OSU” is a factory that also makes a lot of Cohibas. Never once did it go out or need an adjustment and the cigars were a little more humid that I would normally keep...
  12. Habanos Reviews
    RASCC - OSU FEB03 4 3/8 x 42 This thing was beautiful! Semi box-pressed, dark almost maduro like wrapper, OILY AS ANY CIGAR I'VE EVER SEEN!, slight tooth, superb construction and only one minor vein. WOW!! This was rolled by a pro! The cigar smelled of tobacco and had that distinct 'barnyard'...
  13. Habanos Reviews
    These original release E.L.'s are simply awsome. I've smoked this cigar from the original 2000 release and some from 2001. The 00's seem like a different blend. Very full bodied. This cigar tastes very similar to the 94 and earlier Partagas. One of the earthiest cigars I've smoked. It's pretty...
  14. Habanos Reviews
    Picked up a box of these recently and was astounded by their beauty and smell. So astounded that I immediately purchased a second box for ageing. Tried one the other night-phenomenal!!! Chocolate flavors were so striong I thought I was smoking a Hershey's. I've said that the SLR DC is, by...
1-14 of 14 Results