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  1. Television and Movies
    So I know the Office is off the air now, but IMO it was the best comedy show to hit television. (I say comedy show because Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead are just amazing). Anyways, I've seen the show from beginning to end 14 times now...yeah, I know. So what do you guys think about the show...
  2. Tobacco Legislation
    Yesterday, Scientific American posted an online article stating that "An analysis of top-grossing movies from the last decade shows that films with smoking make less money." It also reports that the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education (CTCRE) at the University of California...
  3. General Discussion
    My wife found this site - it looks pretty cool! The Original Cuban Memorabilia Store
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    Ok, I've been in one split so far, and have been reading all about the bombs. I don't know whether it's my imagination, but it seems that some of you guys are able to get delivery confirmation # before you drop off the package to the post office. How does that work? More importantly, are...
  5. Cigar Bombs
    Totally amazed at the generosity Colin has shown. He P.M'S me to ask for my address. Say's he wants to send a few cigars a care package. I say okay thanks bro never expecting this. That's right that's 2 Partagas shorts a Rass and 3 $50 gift cards to help with what Irene left me with! He...
  6. Cigar Bombs
    So I decided to check my mail during my afternoon break from work. I found a little box with a returned sender of Shuckins... Uhoh I said to myself. Not thinking clearly I opened the box. This is what happened! My office was nice and neat, until this happened! Here is a close up :-)...
  7. Cigar Questions
    Ok, so here is the situation. I ordered some sticks from CI last week and they effed up the shipping so they won't be here until tomorrow. The problem is that I am leaving town for the next 17 days. Therefore, the sticks will be resting in my PO box until I return. The place is kept cool...
  8. General Discussion
    I was just adding up shipping for my PIFs, Pass, and bombs. I think the members here are keeping the the Post office in business! BTW, I stopped adding pretty quick, figured if my wife ask I can honestly say "I don't know":kicknuts:
  9. Cigar Bombs
    I get back in town from my mini vacation only to find my new office in ruins. Some evil was tossed my way. :faint:Oddly enough my desk survived the blast though you would not know it if you saw it. This was totally unexpected (I guess the premise here lol). I went in to pick up my heartfelt...
  10. Cigar Bombs
    There was a unidentifiable package on my desk this morning. I approached it with great care, I heard some kind of a low ticking type sound coming from it, I quickly opened it but was too late....KABOOOOOOOMMMMM I wanted to thank Shuckins for sending me my first bomb of some great cigars. I...
  11. Jokes Forum
    John, woke up after the annual office Christmas party with a pounding headache, cotton-mouthed and utterly unable to recall the events of the preceding evening. After a trip to the bathroom, he made his way downstairs, where his wife put some coffee in front of him. "Louise," he moaned, "tell me...
  12. Cigar Pictures
    Got some more today. :)
  13. Cigar Pictures
    Here's what I got delivered. :D
  14. General Cigar Discussion
    So I went to the post office this morning to ship my neewbie cigars. After packaging the cigars at the post office I was almost forced to take a polygraph. The clerk questioned me again and again about the fact you can't send tobacco products through the mail for sales. I had to tell her 2 or 3...
  15. General Discussion
    Hope this is in the right forum. I bought 2 of these fans Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Bathroom Fan at Home Perfect I went to Lowes and Home depot to look for an appropriate roof vent and didn't find what I thought would work. 2 prereqs... around $20 - $30 each and it need to keep the...
  16. General Discussion
    I found this video absolutely hilarious: (a little NSFW language) YouTube - Terry Tate Office Linebacker
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    Hey Everyone!! Just got back from the post office. For those of you that missed it, I ran a little contest last week... So, I'm sending out the winner's smokes today. WINNERS! 1. FiveStar - Opus X El...
  18. Television and Movies
    Aside from being possibly the funniest episode of the season... Michael Scott was seen smoking a cigar a couple times... It doesn't get much better!
  19. Cigar Bombs
    Well the mail room calls and says I think you have a package, it's addressed to Strick. I'm like wth, who is sending me a package with that name? I get it to my office and bam it's a bomb from Shuckins of all people. I was just totally blown away...Thanks for the goods and look out! Pic...
  20. Cigar Pictures
    Got these in a deal with havanajohn. They do look good!
1-20 of 109 Results