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  1. General Discussion
    WTH it's been a few years seance we had a snow fall like this--Figured I let you see What a couple of INCHES looks like----Please Don't Laugh ---ROLMAO OK now you can laugh!!!!
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    I have to be in Yorktown and Norfolk on Saturday. I will be at Tabb Tobacco in the early part of the day and at the Tobacco Inn Norfolk in the later part of the day. Looking to herf Saturday night. Let me know.
  3. Virginia
    This is my local hangout. They have three other locations in the area but this is the one I frequent. Chesapeake - Greenbrier: 757-424-0851 Crossways Shopping Center, 1412 Greenbrier Pkwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320 Hours of Operation - (Mon - Sat: 10am - 8pm; Sun: 12pm - 5pm)
  4. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    I've been lurking for a few weeks, absorbing all the great information and figured it was time to introduce my self. I picked up my first cigar about a 6 weeks ago and i'm quickly falling down the slippery slope. Started with a 150ct Humidor in December and around the first of the year had to...
1-4 of 4 Results