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  1. Cars and Motorcycles
    The 2012 Nissan GT-R. Image: Nissan The 2012 Nissan GT-R is as fast as you can go for less than $100,000, period, end of sentence. It's 530 horsepower, twin turbo V-6 can get you from 0 to sixty in under 3 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 196 miles per hour. It'll run the quarter mile...
  2. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    Section 102 right behind the pit. Actual tix, not printed from computer. Will sell for $120 or trade for a box of Illusione 68. Show is Sun, May 11.
  3. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    Well its a long shot, and sadly its gotta go for sale and all my big plans are down the drain (for now). It's getting to expensive and i gotta quit while im ahead (two car insurances and such = :hn). Its a 92 Nissan 240sx with a KA24de DOHC engine swap with a lightened flywheel, stage 2 clutch...
  4. General Discussion
    Anyone hooked-up with a Nissan Dealer? Have been seriously considering this as a replacement for the RX7. Problem is that dealers are asking 15-25k above sticker. Significant cigar bribes may be in order for a hook-up. :D
  5. General Discussion
    Well, we know who would win...right? I had a new rider...2 months...change lanes and hit me in the rear passenger door. He's ok, of course I'm ok, but my truck and his bike aren't. Truck has a significant gouge from the rear passenger door to the end of the bed, not to mention several other...
  6. General Discussion
    I'm looking at the new altimas and trying to figure out what the best deal I can expect on a 2.5 with the SL package is. Anyone with experience in this area. I've checked edmunds and that is about it.
  7. General Discussion
    Man I want this car!!! I was just wondering, might be a long shot, but does anyone of your gorillas drive this fine car or have any experience from it?? Japanese muscles from 1991 :) This pic is from a swedish forum, where a guy have modded his car...I really like this car and it´s not that...
  8. General Discussion
    ok guys.. I haven't been on posting alot lately cause of work mostly but we've also had a problem with Nissan and we're just not sure how to handle it. Here's the details. Vehicle in question is a 2004 Nissan Xterra with 14000+ miles on it I was on my way to work driving down I-81 where the...
1-8 of 8 Results