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  1. Sports Forum
    So what are you guys thoughts on the upcoming season? I'm a rangers fan, and things are looking up for the boys in blue. We have a good young team, and I think the addittion of richards is going to atleast put us in the playoffs again. Can't wait for 24/7 this year. Here are my stanely cup...
  2. Cigar Contests
    Anyone want to wager on the game? Teams Rosters: Team Staal: Forwards: Eric Staal Ryan Kesler Alex Ovechkin Daniel Sedin Rick Nash Patrick Sharp Jeff Skinner Claude Giroux Corey Perry Patrik Elias David Backes Paul Stastny Defense: Mike Green Zdeno Chara Marc Staal Dan Boyle Kris Letang Erik...
  3. Sports Forum
    I figured I'd put out a thread for NHL fans! Personally I'm an Avs fan, but I'll watch a hockey game at any level. Avatar Q&A! (I'm an American and proud of it, but I love the way the Canadian women party!!!) Bring on all NHL talk all the time!
  4. Sports Forum
    I found this old thread: And with the playoffs approaching I thought I might entice some NHL talk. I'm a die-hard Avs fan so I'm hoping for a late season push that will lead to a higher seed in the playoffs, but...
  5. NHL

    Sports Forum
    There's a lot of hockey left still to play, but does anyone have any predictions of who could be in at the end playing for the cup? Any sleeper teams? Any teams going to pull a "Mets" and blow it at the end?
  6. Sports Forum
    Getting excited here, Hawks look to make a move this season. A tidbit on one of my idols in sports to start the thread:
  7. General Discussion
    Just went to GameStop and put a deposit on NHL 09 for playstation 3. Comes out weds. I say we play against each other for 5 ers. Anybody else interested in that idea? If so list your name
  8. Want to Buy (WTB)
    Shot in the dark! Anybody wanna sell/trade any playstation 3 games? I wanna get NHL 08 and Hot Shots Golf
  9. Sports Forum
    How did your team's do?
  10. Sports Forum
    What a freak'n game tonight. Very intense play for all 3 periods and the 2 OT periods. Both goalies did amazing jobs. Just to give you an idea, there was a total of 87 shots on goal and 67 hits in the game. Gonna need some ice packs tomorrow. Hopefully they'll have some tv's on the deck at...
  11. Sports Forum
    My, the Senators just plain stunk tonight. :unsure::huh_oh::mumbles: They better get their sh*t together, Alfie or not, or they'll be gone in 4 games, 5 max. :mad: Don Cherry has reached new heights of fashion, which was about the most interesting thing about tonight for me. (I couldn't watch...
  12. Sports Forum
    It's that time again so.........Step right up, step right up...sign up for the NHL Playoff pool. Here's how it works. Make the following 2 predictions. Predict which team will win the Stanley Cup. Predict the time of the last goal in the final game. (i.e. 10:15, 3rd period)If you are the only...
  13. Cigar Contests
    NHL PLAYOFF POOL -Canadian Residents ONLY (sorry laws don't let us ship cigars to the USA) -Each Member that participates in the contest is to donate a 5er of there choice to the pot. (after the contest is over, each member will send there 5er to the winner of the contest. NO Flavored cigars)...
  14. General Cigar Discussion
    According to Yahoo News and The Detroit Free Press; Tonight's Detroit Red Wings and The Ottawa Senators game is the one to watch. Out of the 1,230 NHL Regular season games, Yahoo news sources game number 659 is the most important game of the regular season. Would anyone be willing to bet a...
  15. Sports Forum
    It's happening today at 1:00 at Ralph Wilson Stadium. They're expecting over 70,000 to attend this outdoor contest. The Penguins face the Buffalo Sabres in an NHL hockey game scheduled for this New Year's Day. I can't imagine that many people at a hockey game. NBC is even showing the game along...
  16. Sports Forum
    There's definitely not enough chatter in here about the great sport that is Hockey. This is the place for it!! Ok, two weeks in and we're seeing some surprising teams coming out and playing hard this year. Just have to give a shout out to my favorite team (and yours) the Detroit Red Wings who...
  17. Sports Forum
    This is a historically dead time for the NHL - the time between the draft and the start of training camps. This year however, most every team is rolling out a new "jersey" (Reebok's word for a hockey sweater) during this down time. What does every one think of their favorite teams design? The...
  18. Sports Forum
    I'm thrilled with the Flyers pick at #2 of the 1st round. James vanRiemsdyk - 6'3" 200 lbs. With skills to boot. How did everyone else's teams do?
  19. Sports Forum
    Always a big fan. Wish Philly had kept him. Funniest memory was the "rat trick". :tu
  20. Sports Forum
    Just took a look at the NHL standings. Looks like the West has most of the better teams this year. Of course the East has a few, but the West looks stacked. Since when is Minnesota in the West?!? Basketball and Hockey...West. Oh well, things change with time!
1-20 of 24 Results