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    What the heck happened to them.I am a Giants fan and I'm here to tell you I will be surprised if they make the playoffs.Luckily the Eagles, Cowgirls and that grease fire called the skins all stink.
  2. Sports Forum
    broke his pinkie.
  3. Sports Forum
    I'm thinking Packers and Patriots are the winners tomorrow, but I think the Giants will keep that game close, but the Pats will BLOWOUT the Bolts...
  4. Sports Forum
    Friday... Snow Showers Highs 16* and Lows 2*; Saturday... Snow Showers/Wind Highs 4* and Lows -4*; Sunday (and our best day)... Mostly Sunny Highs 8* and Lows 2*; Of course, weather subject to change. Talk about great football weather. Breakout those CheddyBrauts...:ss
  5. Sports Forum
    Who will represent each confrence in this years superbowl ? AFC - Jacsonville NFC - Dallas.......... Go COWBOYS!!!! :w
  6. Sports Forum
    Watching the Dallas game right now. Hoping Dallas can win this one to keep in line with Philly. Dallas really needs a division win soon. Anyone see washington flounder? Oh yeah, and the Giants need to lose one or two!
  7. Sports Forum
    Seems William (wij) is a Panther fan. He wrote this in one of my threads: Bucs fan huh? Well since I'm a Carolina Panthers fan, I can forsee a little contest between friends developing here. __________________ --William (Wij) So I Pm'ed him back with this: What do you say to this: 1st Game...
  8. Sports Forum
    Wondering what folks early pre-playoff pick for NFC Champion will be?
  9. Sports Forum
    Go Seattle! Finally Seattle is winning games they should win. How? A great offensive line that can keep Matt Hasselbeck upright and open up holes for Shaun Alexander. A little luck, and a loud 12th man. Here's to home field advantage for the playoffs!
1-9 of 9 Results