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  1. Sports Forum
    OOOOOOHHH YEAH! :D One of my favorite times of the year is here. It's tournament time baby! Anyone else NCAA fans? Bracket fanatics? Lottery players? I am in 3 lotteries and who knows how many brackets I am filling out. I am a die hard Kansas fan, have been since I was kid. Hoping they...
  2. Sports Forum
    Well sports fans. Here is the place to sound off that your team is better than their team! This is the place to show your spirit, and let everybody know who you're rooting for. Some real quick guidelines before it gets out of hand... 1. This is trash talk, so things like college english, and...
  3. Cigar Contests
    I know this is a bit late in the game, but let's see if there's enough interest in a college football pick 'em contest. You pick roughly 20 games per week against the spread without confidence points and compete for prizes. Everyone who enters will send a 5er of good quality cigars to the...
  4. Cigar Contests
    Hey everyone, we are hosting a free bracket pool on our site. We've got some nice prizes and like the title says, it's Free! You can register and fill out your bracket at StogieBoys MarchMadness Pool - Open (FREE) Good Luck!
  5. Cigar Contests
    Hey Guys, I set up a league in yahoo, and wanted to see if anyone wanted to get in and have a little bracket challenge. Say nice fiver each buy in and they all goes to winner unless we get 20+ entries - then maybe we would pay a couple spots. I have it set with the seed differential bonus (if...
  6. Sports Forum
    Anybody going to watch this game this coming weekend?
  7. Sports Forum
    The coaches' poll came out just recently and I'm sure everyone had opinions on that. NCAA Polls - Football - NBC Sports Where I work, nothing gets the juices flowing like the guys around the office debating over college Football rankings. When rankings get published then everyone else around...
  8. Gamers Forum
    Huge upgrade! Gameplay & feel is totally different. Better graphics too... I didn't even buy '10' cuz I didn't think it was worth it. First time I haven't purchased the game since it came out. This one is well worth it so far. Haven't downloaded rosters or anything yet either... Only...
  9. Cigar Bombs
    Came home to grab my clubs before I hit the course and there was a suspicious looking box in the mail box. I thought it might be a basketball, but it was some cigar madness! Thanks Deep. I'll be lighting one of these up tonight.
  10. Sports Forum
    The 2010 NCAA tournament is upon us. I started a group on the Yahoo fantasy and hope some fellow puffers will want to participate. I figured a 3 stick buy in is fairly simple. Winner take all!!! College Basketball Tournament Pick'em - Yahoo! Sports - Group Invitation Group Name:
  11. Sports Forum
    Being self-employed, I'm finding myself without a bracket pool this year. So I thought I'd start one up here. Real basic, real simple. Just Yahoo's free "Pick'um" bracket. Here's my thinking. Any Puff member can enter. There is no entry fee. At the end of the contest, the winner can, if he so...
  12. Sports Forum
    Who's going to play the Memphis Tigers in this years finals...... I love college basketball this time of year.
  13. Sports Forum
    All the good games are coming up... a few have been played.. Im so damn happy Utah stuck it to Alabama last night. I HATE Nick Saban.. he has no loyalty to anything other than who is going to pay him the most. I was ecstatic when Florida knocked them out of contention for a championship game...
  14. Sports Forum This is pretty cool. Looks like some of the best school bands particiated in this. VOTE LSU NOW!:tu
  15. Sports Forum
    Gonna coopt and update Drew's college football thread. Go Dawgs!!!!
  16. Sports Forum
    Yeah, I plan on vegging out all next Saturday watching some MUCH missed college football action! FINALLY!
  17. Sports Forum
    Has anybody looked at the preseason polls on you mean to tell me that clemson, is the best team (preseason mind you) in the acc?
  18. General Discussion
    Just to let you fellas know that play this game I have a roster download that has all the actual names for the players. Just go onto XBOX Live then go to EA Locker and enter my Gamertag (same as here...Mystophales) and there should be roster file that you can download. I hate the random names...
  19. Sports Forum
    How well do you know your NCAA college football teams. Fun time killer...
  20. Cigar Pictures
    Here is a pic of my contest winnings from Biyobe's bracket contest. Love the RP's, and can't wait to try the Bahia's!:dribble: Thanks a bunch Jason. :biggrin:
1-20 of 57 Results