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  1. General Discussion
    May 15-21, 2011 is National EMS week. Please take a moment to thank those who almost never recieve thanks for what they do. As a Paramedic/Supervisor and having been in this field for 13 years I know first hand the countless meals, gatherings, family events, birthdays, Christmas' etc... that...
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    I was just curious if anyone has had any experience with the cigars put out by this company. They offer machine mades similiar to what Grandad smoked IMO, not the junk you see around gas stations and drug stores nowadays. Several 100% all natural tobacco offerings even. Anyway, here is a link...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    So who's going to Myrtle Beach in a few weeks? I'm going no matter what. Got plane tickets and bringing the wife. Haven't seen anyone talk about it.
  4. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hello guys I have recently found out that I will not be able to go to the Puff National Herf in South Carolina on the weekend of October 23&24. I will however be in Vegas for a few days on 18,19,20th of October for business and I wanted to see if you guys would be willing and able to re-schedule...
  5. Music
    A local guy here who happens to be a pretty good buddy of mine named Charlie Floyd has gotten another chance to go national by getting signed to a label. This guy actually performed the song Achy Breaky Heart before Billy Ray Cyrus but the song was given to Billy Ray. He has a couple of original...
  6. General Discussion
    Unlike us British, you Americans still have alot freedom left, so I'd like your opinion please. I mean by freedom you can vote for who you like and still keep your job. In Britian though, if you're a member of the BNP, then you can't be a Teacher, Doctor, Lawyer, Police Officer or any other kind...
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    Ok guy we have opened this thread up to pick a place to have the first National Herf. We have discusses most of the possible places in the first thread about the Puff Herf which has now been closed and now we can take a fresh poll once again with all the following choices. 1. Las Vegas...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    In the latest Puffcast one of the things I brought up was the subject of "Are we ready for a Herf?" What are your thoughts on this? Ever since the beggining of it has been a dream of all of ours to maybe see an event that all the members could meet each other and herf at. This...
  9. Guns and Knives
    You may or may not know, but Obama is try to take away our rights to bear arms. If you are not an NRA member, they are offering a One-Year FREE membership so they can get bigger and stronger to fight. It takes less than a minute to join.
  10. Everywhere Else
    National Cigar & Tobacco Customer Appreciation Day Event Ashton Taste of Excellence Saturday, June 6, 2009 W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist 640 14th St. Washington, DC 202-638-2555 From 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
  11. Meet the Manufacturer
    Here at Brick & Mortar Tobacconist Association we are coordinating efforts with tobacconist across the country to host a tobacco appreciation event in-store on Saturday, June 6, 2009! Some stores may be unaware at the moment, but nevertheless if you have ideas for your local stores by all...
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    Good Morning Fellow BOTLers, I am wondering if anyone knows the dates/locations of any national cigar events for 2009. I would love to experience a national cigar event. I would also appreciate input from everyone as to why I should or shouldn't think about attending a certain event. Thanks.
  13. Sports Forum
    It's great to be a Florida Gator!!!! We are the 2008 NCAA Football National Champions!!!! GO GATORS!!!!!
  14. General Discussion
    I'm thinking of wearing my kilt when I come over for the spring herf, are there any laws prohibiting the wearing or carrying of knives, part of the outfit is carrying a SgianDubh in my hose (sock) and a Dirk (11" fighting knife) from my waistbelt....... am I likely to be shot...
  15. Texas
    What: The CAO National Championship Event When: Thursday Jan 8th Where: The Smoke Ring 14019 Southwest Freeway #400 Sugarland, Texas 77478 281-265-1387 Time: 5PM till 10PM Come join Bigfoot (Brian)...
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    Anyone ever smoked a National Brand? I'm not impressed. A friend of mine gave me one. He smokes them everyday, and I don't know how.
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    As decreed by CigarBaron of A.S.C. in 2003, National Herf Day is the Friday after Thanksgiving. I celebrated by herfing by myself in my car at lunch. How did the rest of you celebrate National Herf Day.
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    CI is celebrating National Cigar Month.... ... t=142&ci=1 I'd expect to see some seriously sweet deals going on. The in-store deals right now are INSANE... RP 5 Pack Sampler with Colibri lighter for $19.99... Box of RP Conns Toro Size for $39.99 (on...
  19. Cigar Bombs It appears the NY folks thing them and their allies can take the entire board! Sc is organizing strike number 2 as we speak so anyone else wanna get in on this and smash them shoot me a PM. do not respond in the thread so they will not...
1-19 of 72 Results