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  1. Sports Forum
    Just wanted to welcome you all to your stay in Yankees Universe. Enjoy the games! :smoke: Cheers, Rosie
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    If any of you are in, or want to get into, a tobacco business, this may interest you: Our nation's oldest tobacco shop, Demuth's Tobacco Shop, founded in 1770, in Lancaster, PA, has closed its doors and is looking for a buyer. The shop was owned by two elderly gentlemen who both passed away in...
  3. General Discussion
    So I am finishing up my man cave/smoking den. Dry wall is up and has been primed and the window casing and trim is on. Now for the important part, caulk or paint the walls first? So any experts or anyone with an opinion, I need to know whether or not to caulk the trim first or paint the walls...
  4. Sports Forum
    The Greatest Site! Enjoy- WHO RUN IT?! Superbowl Champs Edition - SIX PACK
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    What ever happened to Cigar Nation podcast? I used to listen to that. Every one of them actually. I even met Bobb once a cigar funtion once. So what happend???
  6. General Discussion
    Stumbled on this by accident. Pretty sweet. Got to love the man in black.
  7. Sports Forum
    Does anybody else see a resembalance between Al Davis and the Crypt Keeper. I can honestly say, I have never seen the tow of them in the same place before. Coincedence??
  8. Sports Forum
    :r DOES ANYBODY HAVE A CLUE WHERE THAT IS? I've been looking and now I'm lost... (When's the draft?) :hn
  9. Sports Forum
    MAN!!!! It feels good to know I can watch my boys on Sunday!!!!!:tu:ss
  10. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    :tu Hi, Been lurking a few times and have been smoking occasionally for a few years now...To be honest I can't tell a huge difference between all the good-great cigars except for what is mild:ss and not mild.:pu. I'll learn eventually...I do know that someone hooked me up with a cigar...
  11. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Great looking forum here guys. The cigar community is defiantly a lot different then the car community. I'm an active member of prob 12 forums and I have never saw so many guys willing to give. The fact that you guys anonymously send gifts to other members is beyond anything I've seen. Kudos...
  12. General Discussion
    Hey all my fine fellow BOTL's and SOTL's :tu Just wondering if anyone else here is a member of Inked Nation? Kind of like Myspace only for tattoo artists/studios and tattoo enthusiasts. If anyone is a member feel free to add me to their friends list:
  13. General Discussion
    WHOW...any botl's in the area know how gorgeous it is today. I am in so much shock I don't know what to do...but I know, it's going to be outside! Time to get off this computer and get outside and do summer-like things! :tu
  14. Sports Forum
    Just read that Ernie Holmes was killed in a car crash on Thursday. For those of you who don't know, he was one of the defensive linemen of The Steel Curtian. Very interesting person, to say the least..... This story made my laugh...
  15. Sports Forum
    Much as I hate em, they took care of business all the way through the playoffs and series. It's nice to have a worthy rival and the Sox are showing that they are just that. :tu And the first currently scheduled Yankee preseason game is March 1, 2008 against the Phillies. Gromit, as always, sez...
  16. Sports Forum
    Ok who is a true friend of the Boston Red Sox and not a fair weather fan. If I remember the first time I saw them was in 67 I was just a pup. I believe my wife and I have carried our own torch from NH to TN. We will win another World Series this year!
  17. Coffee Discussion
    The Root family has now joined the Mazzer Nation. :D After a brief affair with a Baratza Solis Virtuoso that lasted all of 5 minutes (death by 8 O'clock), i can say waste not on lesser grinders and you will not want more. Cheap is not a word that should ever be said about a Mazzer, one...
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    I just finished listening to the latest episode of the Cigar Nation podcast. I don't know why I continue to do that. That show seems like proof to me that just because you CAN do a podcast doesn't mean you SHOULD. I think these guys are giving all of us in the midwest a bad name!
  19. Sports Forum
    I may be new around here, but I can't help it. The pitchers and catchers are down in Fort Meyers and the rest of the squad is filtering in, all except Manny, who is working out on his own and promises to report on March 1. The Boston press is all over his ass, but I'd personally like to seen...
  20. Entertainment
    Anybody read this book by Eric Schlosser? After reading it you will never want a Big Mac again! The book details the rise of the fast food industry and how the corporations have an amazing amount of control over the entire food production complex of this country. And of course, it talks about...
1-20 of 20 Results