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  1. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Hey everybody!
  2. Smoking Action
    This just in: Bear Mollesting Sends Man to Hospital!!! What was supposed to be a relaxing night a "The Cigar Bar" turned into a nightmare for one tourist. In the midst of enjoying a J. Fuego Corojo Belicoso the man known as SlowTriathlete tried to tame the wild bear that wandered into the...
  3. Florida
    Okay, so I have been in contact with SlowTriathlete and we are working to get together this Saturday night in the Fort Myers area at the Cigar Bar in Gulf Coast Town Center. If you are around, come join us! I'm not sure what time he was going to get there, but I have a gig until about 9:30, so...
  4. Everywhere Else
    I will be flying in the day after Christmas and leaving Sunday. If any gorillas are close and want to meet up for a cigar please let me know. The Saturday after x-mas I am going to try to meet up with the S.Fla crew. This herf is NOT a given for me as I will be with family.If anyone is close to...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    The wife is on Vacation in Ft. Myers right now. Last time I was down there, I found this little cigar place right off the beach. I sent her in looking for Opus X, Anejo, and Zino. Didnt have any so she picked up... 1 PAM 1926 Grande Corona.....18.00 1 Don Pepin Blue Label...
1-5 of 5 Results