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  1. Thoughts and Prayers
    A very dear friend, One who had no equal in life. She sacrificed her own happiness to help many disabled children. A woman of honor courage and stature. Please Lord have mercy on her soul! :pray2::pray2::pray2::pray2::pray2::pray2::pray2:
  2. Cigar Bombs
    Brain: OK, I'm out of town, so I get the (now all to common) text message with a stern note from Mrs. Brain about my new honey-do list activity of getting and installing another mailbox. It appears that Zenom has decided to include me in his first two bomb campaign. Pinky: I don't know how you...
  3. Cigar Forums Banter
    Some of you have wanted to see Mrs. Coop, so here you go....
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    Time for some more fun. I hear a lot of stories here about having to hide visa bills and shipments from the Minister of Finance (ie spouse) (what would be the US counterpart, Secretary of the Treasury??) So who has to resort to these types of shinanigans in your situation? You have to answer...
  5. Thoughts and Prayers
    Hi Andrew, I'm glad to hear that it wasn't any worse than that... but still am sorry to hear that she got hurt at all! My thoughts are with you both and I am asking for a full, speedy recovery :pray: Maybe you could put these in some water for her?
  6. Thoughts and Prayers
    As you all know, Mrs. Reindeer was due to have her baby on 9/4. Please lift her up in your thoughts and prayers for a safe delivery for her and their baby. :pray:
  7. General Discussion
    :woohoo: For all who haven't heard yet, Mrs. Jax gave birth to the twins yesterday, a boy (6lbs 11oz) and a girl (5lbs 14oz)! Both of the babies, the mother, and the father are doing great! Congratulations Mike and the Mrs! (I have a couple of pics on my cell, but I can't transfer pics from...
  8. Cigar Pictures
    Well Mr. & Mrs. Golfnut bombed the tar out of me today! Forrest and Suzanne-aka Ashkicker really put a hurtin on me. Suzanne hit me with a 5er of Top-Notch smokes and a bag of Mexico Organic Nayarit coffee beans which can't wait to enjoy!:) Forrest hit me with a great selection of Carlos Toranos...
  9. General Discussion
    We miss you! Does anybody know how to contact Linder or Mrs. Linder other than CS?
  10. Commercial Roast Reviews
    P&G decision to separate its Folgers business, which posted annual sales of $1.6 billion in the last fiscal year, is part the company's plan to let go of underperforming brands. P&G expects to complete the transaction by the end of the year. Where is she going? Anybody know?:ss
  11. Jokes Forum
    What do the wives of Santa's Reindeer do on December 24 while their husbands are pulling Santa all over the world? They go into town & blow a few bucks! :lol:
  12. General Discussion
    He posted this in the thread for Mrs.bazookajoe... Quote:My prayers go out to you my friend.My wife also has been ill for quite some time now and I know it is rough.This is my first post for some time now,in fact its my only out where I browse while she naps. Havent had much to say till I read...
  13. Coffee Discussion
    They put Mrs. Moo on ice during the 5th inning game one World Series escapade. I watched the game from one eye in the ER as the doc started mapped out Plan A and Plan B. (No fault of mine!) her gall bladder went non-op on Sunday and things went from bad to worse waiting for scheduled surgery...
  14. General Discussion
    One brother believes Mrs. Moo does not exist, but she does; this morning she was paying careful attention to her automobile. I made a pot of coffee earlier than normal as the daughter, who was flying down to Florida on an early flight this morning, awakened me with her crashing around the...
  15. Cigar Bombs
    My wife called awhile ago on her way to get the mail. Upon opening the box, I could hear a large explosion in the background and the settling of all the shrapnel and other debris, all I could hear her utter were the words "Damn you John". Film at 11:00.
  16. Coffee Discussion
    I have been bringing in some of my coffee to work each morning. It beats the hell out of the Folgers they usually make. Today I brought in some Ethiopian Longberry Harrar roasted about 30 seconds past the start of second crack. I brewed a pot in the drip machine and I got this email: THIS by...
  17. Coffee Discussion
    ... this morning. Love the lady. She's from the mountains.
  18. Cigar Bombs
    In the most respectful and sincere way! It may have been so easy for her, but... Dawnie hit me with a "Pay Back" bomb - which shows that she has the stones! Cueto Custom Rolled, SLR DC, PSS#1, H.Upmann Super Corona and a Boli PC. Thank you Dawnie for the great smokes - I'm looking forward to...
  19. General Discussion
    A fine BOTL found out some good news today.I won't steal his thunder,But Good Job Bubba!:ss
1-20 of 31 Results