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  1. Television and Movies
    My friend came to hospital. wife decided i needed a btake, so me and my friend left to go to wing house... A few beers later.. And i cant remember this movie... In short... Guy looks at hot chick with ugly friends, blocks out ugly friends with hands, hot chick turns ugly.
  2. Television and Movies
    I posted a while back my daughter found Crackle a site to watch movies for free! She just found another thought i would pass it on. It reminds me of the old Lime Wire the site for sharing music it seems to work well enjoy! Watch movies online for free movie download at
  3. Entertainment
    Look for my logo in the movie if you guys happen to watch it. Apparently it will be on the Octagon, track suits and pretty sure on tees. It shows up around the middle of the movie. I'm really excited since this is my first logo/art piece in a movie.
  4. Television and Movies
    anyone else go to movie pre-screenings? I always go to gofobo dot com and find at least one movie a month, its free and you see it before everyone else
  5. Television and Movies
    Not quite the 2 for 9 the last one was, but still makes it so your avg ticket price is $6 (instead of $10 that it is here for me). BuyWithMe - 54% off at Fandango
  6. Television and Movies
    Good day fellow Puffers! My good buddy Evonnida and I are looking to start a movie pass! :playball: Here is how it is going to work...Erich and I will each start the pass with about 7 DVDs each (14-15 total) Old and new, all types of genres are welcome! Each participant will be allowed to...
  7. Television and Movies
    Don't know how much longer this will be up, but 2 tickets for $9 is more than half off for around here. The Best Daily Deals in Fandango - Two Movie Tickets
  8. Cigar Passes
    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Movie pass. Really I guess it might not be a pass, as more of a borrow, watch, pass on. Every time I watch this move I am inspired and anyone that has seen it knows what I mean. Its two movies "The Fuente Family: An American Dream" and "...
  9. Television and Movies
    Went and saw the new Pirates movies over the weekend. Evidently I hadnt been to a movie in a while cause when I told the cashier I needed one adult ticket and one Childs ticket, for my 10 year old nephew, I about flipped when he said it would be $20. WTH! It was the 1PM showing, freaking $20 for...
  10. Cigar Contests
    So, I've decided to run a basic contest with some simple yet odd movie trivia. The first person to answer all of the questions correctly will win a small selection of cigars (of course), and perhaps something extra as well! First off, the roolz. Only one answer allowed per day. You must be...
  11. Television and Movies
    I was just watching the Good the Bad and the Ugly! Here is one of my favorite lines! You are the son of 1,000 fathers all bastards like you- Tuco What's yours? What i mean to say is every-time i watch that opening i laugh so hard i almost pee! The next couple of lines are equally as...
  12. Television and Movies
    What movie monster made it hard for you to sleep as a kid or made you sit with the pillow over your head while you watched it? Or, simply just your favorite monster for another reason...? For me, the Creature From The Black Lagoon was cool. For being scared, Linda Blair's character in the...
  13. Television and Movies
    This would have to be in my top 5 at least...
  14. Music
    Not meaning Rockumentaries with concert footage, and not "mucicals" per-say, and not wanting soundtracks, but rather movies with actors about the music and/or industry that told a great story and good music was a part of it. Doesn't have to be biographies but mine just turned out that way. A...
  15. Television and Movies
    I just thought it would be fun to see or hear about some of your favorite scenes from movies! I know there are many memorable snippets from movies I've seen through the years. I'll be putting up a few, but I'm interested in hearing why some of the scenes appeal to you, the viewer! Lets have some...
  16. Television and Movies
    Films are my passion. I started a movie blog to keep track of movies I watch, plus movie news etc. It really has taken off in the last couple weeks, been working with Indie Production companies, interviewed some up and coming actors, had the big name movie sites contact me to write for them...
  17. Television and Movies
    Howdy All: I hope you are doing great. Figured I would put this up as I had not seen a thread for it. The movie this week was Interstate 60 Interstate 60 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I had never heard of this movie and knew nothing about it. But I like road trip movies and enjoyed this...
  18. General Pipe Forum
    - in public and often -- who would it be and why? Most people have positive connotations with pipe smoking. Imagine how many new recruits we'd get if some handsome actor always had a Dunhill or Eltang clenched in his jaw.
  19. Television and Movies
    Howdy All: I did not see this put up yet so thought I would. The movie picked out this week was State of Grace. I had not seen this movie before and thought that Sean Penn and Gary Oldman did a great job. You can look at the wiki here - State of Grace (film) - Wikipedia, the free...
  20. Television and Movies
    Hadn't seen a thread for this one so though I'd open it up... It was an OK movie to me...the premise was interesting, but I don't think the final project did a lot to flesh it out...I don't know that I would have realized that the girl "absorbed" her fighting skills through watching others...
1-20 of 213 Results