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  1. General Discussion
    I should be getting my financial aid left overs in a couple months. I know I know, I should save it or spend it on other things for school... but im not gonna. Lol. Im thinking about a buell blast. I would rather have the m2 cyclone bit there cost a bit much. I have found quite a few blasts for...
  2. Cars and Motorcycles
    I've been doing a bit of research and looking around, and was wondering what you guys think about motorcycles and such as a means of cost saving? Right now I share a car with my fiance, and we drive each other and drop each other off based on our schedules. I'm a student, and can take the bus...
  3. Cars and Motorcycles
    Would love to see other member's rides... Post 'em up! PLEASE, Pics of YOUR bikes only! (Or your past scoots) Show 'em off!
  4. Site Help and Suggestions
    Created by popular demand come and discuss your hog or ride - whatever it may be! Cars and Motorcycles
  5. General Discussion
    My wife and I each have a Honda Valkyrie Tourer, well I should say that I have 2 as she is not riding too much any more. Will post a pic or 2 later
  6. Cars and Motorcycles
    I decided to smoke one at lunch today while rideing the bike to the bank and out to lunch..... Wasn't as hard as I remember...... a couple times an ash flipped into my mouth from the wind.... but it just made me spit more at the light.... I can hang with that. Yes.. it was a Nording.....
  7. Cars and Motorcycles
    I've got two motorcycles that im wondering if anyone would know what they are worth. One is a 1977 Hondamatic CB 750 with 3651 original miles on it. The other is a 1980 Honda Passport C70 6 volt moped 550 miles on it. If anyone could help me it would be appreciated Here are some pics.
  8. Cars and Motorcycles
    Disclaimer: This is not really a cigar question. Don't read this if you like serious cigar questions. I saw this crusty looking old codger puffing a big stogie while pulling away from a traffic light on a beasty touring bike and thought, "What a dope. That looks like a perfect way to get hot...
1-8 of 8 Results