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  1. Cars and Motorcycles
    Whats your favorite Harley Davidson Engine of all time? I honestly think the evo sportster motors were the best. Excellent design. The 4 cam set up is far better than a single cam Evo cause your push rod angles are alot straighter. The trans is part of the case so there is no give in the...
  2. Tobacco Legislation
    I will deny where and how I heard this. this bill will pass. Its a done deal. $0.40 a cigar I heard this through a good source. take it for all its worth. not as bad as i thought it was going to be.
  3. Meet the Manufacturer
    So the lastest rumor is that Oliva is going to do away with their Oliva Original bundles... This surfaced at one of our stores actually from a couple of guys... just curious if it holds any water..
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    I've not had good luck with Tats. I want to feel the love, but every one I've smoked is like firing up my pepper grinder. I literally hate cigars that taste like black pepper. I love spice, especially if it's real sweet, but I can only take a hint of pepper at best. It's better if it's white...
  5. Coffee Discussion
    Oh hell no say it isn't so...yeah the old Braun is going sporadic on me. So, I am looking for a new mill. I'd like to keep it under $150, and don't mind a quality unit that might be a recon. Any suggestions?
  6. WTS/B/T Coffee Stuff
    Here we have a nice old used Zassenhaus knee mill. It provides a much better more uniform grind than my inexpensive burr grinder however it was too much work for me. I ended up sacrificing crema for ease. Some day a mazzer or similar is in my future. I purchased it used off of eBay a few...
  7. California
    Telford's 664 Redwood Highway Mill Valley, CA (415) 388-0440 Hours: Monday through Friday 10AM - 7PM Saturday 10PM - 6PM Sunday 12PM - 6pm Website: Visted them today, they have a lounge where you can sit and chat with locals, storage for your cigars if...
  8. Commercial Roast Reviews
    I couldn't find any reference to this roaster here so,thought I'd pass it along. This firm is in Tampa and specializes in Cuban style coffee, tho there other stuff is great. The beans arrive quickly and glisten with oil. And, the price is right. I'm not affiliated just satisfied.:w Bob...
  9. Coffee Discussion
    I have a Jericho "Nice Cut Mill" # JH-100, it's a home version of their commercial counter top mills. Got it in the late 1980's, it still works flawlessly (worth every penny of the $300.00 price tag). The plastic plastic drum ground coffee falls into has a treaded cap, the threads on both the...
  10. Coffee Discussion
    With Christmas gifts to buy, the budget is stretched thin. Unfortunately, when this happens, fresh roasted coffee gets cut out, and Eight O`Clock moves in. As inexpensive coffees go, Eight O`Clock is one of the best. I think it beats of Maxwell House, Folgers, and the rest of that shite...
1-10 of 10 Results